L’Anarcho-Syndicaliste n ° 218 – April 2020

In this edition

P1-2: Editorial – Marc HÉBERT
P3-4: Promise, promise, the first scout of France took the floor for an exercise of beautiful communication – Éric LE COURTOIS
P4: Strike prohibited – Christine
P5-6: Sleepless nights and dark thoughts … of father CUTEUR
P7-8: War and politics – Julien ROBERT
P8: About “financial bubbles” – Georges RIVALIN
P9-10: The cynicism of Capital and the State … seen by Father SIFFLEUR
P11-12: A look back at certain fundamentals – Yvon BOURHIS
P12: Books to read
P13-14: Bulk rants and winks
P15-16: Camouflage operation – FURAXISSIMUS
P17: Workers in fact – Igniatus CHVEIK
P18: The 823rd hour – by Father PLEXE
P19-20: From lived and lived (bis)! – Michel and Claire
P20: Deconfinement, deconfination, or deconfining – Georges RIVALIN

Download the publication: as_218.pdf