L’Anarcho-Syndicaliste n ° 220 – August / September 2020

In this edition

P1: Editorial – Marc HÉBERT.
P2: Union democracy against bureaucracy in Loire-atlantique – Patrick BROSSARD.
P3: Terminator – Bertrand KANBAN.
P4-5: PROPAGANDA, by Edward BERNAYS – Laurence STRIBY.
P5 to 8: A FO, who does not say a word, consents to support unionism! – Gérard da SILVA.
P9-10: The Martyrs of Market Theology or Maastrichian Health Governance – Epistemologus.
P11: Full emancipation? – Christine.
P11: Safe and hygienic moods – from mother KIMONTE.
P12: Long live the Social! – Lydia.
P13: The 75-year-old « old lady » – Lydie.
P14: Finistère: incredible but unfortunately true, some FO officials have asked the police to intervene against FO activists – Denis LENGLET and Jean JAYER.

Download the publication: as_220.pdf