L’Anarcho-Syndicaliste n ° 223 – March 2021

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At the edge of the abyss in 2008, …
Today we dive into hell!

In 2008, Alexandre HÉBERT and anarcho-syndicalist activists produced a draft manifesto in which they wrote:

« Unfortunately, we have to see that today the trade union movement is once again threatened with outright destruction. »

This manifesto was considered by many activists as violent against the Confederation and its leaders who were described by us as bureaucrats.

Today as yesterday, the supporters of a form of autocracy oppose the “Charter of Amiens”, the “Charter of Labor”. It must be noted that the actions of a fraction of the CGT-FO trade union bureaucracy, contrary to elementary democratic rules, are based on a conception of social relations totally foreign to our traditions and which, moreover historically, has largely demonstrated its harmfulness.

At the initiative of the UAS, united with the Compaňeros, On September 22, 2012, we published the “Manifesto for a free and independent trade unionism”:

“Unity of action is solely the expression of workers’ demands and the modalities of action decided jointly. It is then a union weapon. Conversely, union unity, claiming to achieve organic unity, is part of a totalitarian project.

Events accelerated considerably during the movement against pension reform in 2010. The inter-union has become a lasting structure. It brings together “trade union organizations” in a conglomerate with a host of slogans ranging from “reform the reform” to “another reform”.

The common denominator of this structured « inter-union » is opposition to the demands of the working class, better still, organic unity requires, it is a question of pushing the working class towards demoralization.

We are there in the totalitarian logic of a trade unionism trying to become unique under the aegis of the double patronage of Thibault and Chérèque. This is the logical consequence of the agreement between the government, MEDEF, CGT and CFDT on union representativeness. […]

In such a context, it is necessary that the CGT-FO resist the totalitarian sirens of union unity. We must maintain our opposition to united, participatory and collaborative trade unionism.

For this, strict respect for the rules of federalism of workers’ democracy is the only one capable of preventing bureaucratic drifts and the threat of subsidiarity that the economic, political and social context will encourage.

It is therefore essential to reaffirm our will to see repealed the law on union representativeness and its transposition in the public sector.

The resolution of the CCN of the CGT-FO of October 9 and 10, 2010 stipulated:

“The CCN reiterates its determination to develop free and independent trade unionism. He requests the withdrawal of the law of August 20, 2008. ”.

It would be a serious illusion to believe in our survival within the framework of this law, including by being « representative ». […] ”(*)

But then came the high treason of Jean Claude Mailly, secretary general of the CGT-FO.

This analysis was more and more shared by members and activists to lead to the Confederal Congress of Lille, in April 2018, to the minority of Jean Claude Mailly, to the election of Pascal Pavageau and to the vote of a Resolution. general clearly stating the claims. What is essential underlines the need for general mobilization in compliance with the Charter of Amiens.

Bureaucratization, economic and political subjugation to power are much more entrenched in the spheres of power than we thought.

After having freed Pascal Pavageau, the technocrats elected to the confederal EC, all tendencies combined, took over the helm of the Confederation and Yves Veyrier, guided by Jean Claude Mailly (in the service of Raymond Soubie), actively collaborates with the government and the employers. .

Both at the political level and at the trade union level, there is no longer any democratic life. The media have annihilated any reaction to the Covid.

The emergency police and health laws passed without much reaction from the trade unions, all trade union organizations included. At Force-Ouvrière, the silence of the vast majority of departmental officials, federations and national private or public unions, towards the Confederation’s policy of compromise, is deafening. It seems that everyone is only thinking of renewing their mandate or acquiring new mandates and the associated prebends.

Today, union leaders have forgotten the class struggle and are working directly to destroy our social gains, our individual freedoms, our fundamental rights. The most astonishing thing is that there does not seem to be the slightest opposition within the confederal EC, nor within the CCN; all of them seem to share an ecumenism between their various currents of trade unionism and to sanctify a unity within the FO and with the other central trade unions.

Can we hope for a revival of the CGT-FO? Is it the calm before the storm within the free and independent trade union movement, or its end?

We cannot bring ourselves to this and invite the comrades « Charter of Amiens » to organize themselves to revive a trade unionism of class struggle and direct action.

Nothing has changed and continuing on the current line would doom us to disappear.

Marc Hébert
March 31, 2021

(*) The full text of this manifesto and the list of signatories can be read in this issue.

And now…
It’s tomorrow…

Those who govern us are either aware of the truth about Covid-19 and instrumentalize through totalitarian health governance (super producer of fake-news ), or they show incurable incompetence.

In Le Figaro of February 23, 2021, we can read this comment after the statement of the Secretary-General of the United Nations: « The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, deplored Monday February 22 that the Covid-19 epidemic is used by certain countries, which he did not mention, to silence the  » dissonant voices  » and the media ”.

First of all, there is one observation: financial neocapitalism, through banks and the speculation of large multinational laboratories, is organizing a real policy of artificial competition to better usurp billiards dollars in profits, to the detriment of the world population.

So governing with Covid-19 is the strategy of global financial capitalism in order to impoverish populations and to be able to attack the gains of the working class.

In France, in particular, this policy is reflected in the dismantling of Unemployment Insurance, the objective of which is to put in the straw, 900,000 unemployed, in the immediate future, while awaiting the bankruptcy filings of thousands of companies and even, the 130 billion euros of savings of the French coveted by the government in order to carry out a huge hold-up.

Those who govern us do not waste time: they vote freedom-killing laws by the dozen, organize and promote a real societal reign.  » Divide and rule «  was never as diverse and intensive as it is today. They benefit from all political parties, without exception, to deconstruct the republic, for the benefit, of course, of the new moral order.

In this context, the global speculations resulting in the shortage of vaccines correspond to the estimates that governments need to further depress populations.

Hence the cacophony, in France, which sometimes borders on the ridiculous. Scientists, super-divided, highlight the bankruptcy of the health system and, sometimes even, reveal conflicts of interest, even corruption.

As for the media, they persevere and engage in the path of societal dictatorship, with, in particular, a strange version of the « Feminism » , which is summed up in a perpetual denunciation of «  sexist crimes ” real or imaginary.

The history of the trade union movement has led to a considerable improvement in the condition of women:  » Equal pay for equal work ! «  , slogan of the CGT of the Charter of Amiens .

It is clear that the feminist societal movement has not made it possible to eliminate this difference in pay between men and women.

But regardless of the condition of women for the government, political parties and union bureaucracies: the deepening of the division is enough for them and above all the means of repression of the workers’ movement and the democrats.

It is understood that for the government, which is working to dismantle the achievements of all employees – and in particular social protection – it is essential to subjugate the union bureaucracies in order to apply this disastrous policy against the working class. Witch hunts, infamy … are the instruments of the new world which strangely resembles the Middle Ages.

But these junk modernists will end up waking up frightened because they will discover the existence of the class struggle which is not dead long after Marx.

The scope of the movement of Yellow vests will, in the coming period, feed the struggle of the working class against the government and its harmful plans against all the gains of republican society.

Bertrand KANBAN
March 2, 2021

Class struggle unionism …
or support unionism? …


It’s all well and good to claim a « True social dialogue » , but, in fact, what does it mean, to claim a real  » social dialogue «  ?

Social dialogue being a tool of the Patronage and of Christian origin, it does not take long to scratch the colors of the image to realize that it is a smoke that we are talking about … and claim a real smoking, it’s good, somewhere, whether we want it or not, the smoking of the workers and employees of this country that our Confederation claims (I remain in the field of our action, therefore of the Economy in France).

Because finally, between them, opposite, and us – all employees of France from below, it’s a question of balance of power, social dialogue and, even if the balance of power, of year year after decade, decade after decade, has been reversed in our favor, it is still, beyond the number of our members – all confederations and corporatist organizations taken together claiming to be the struggle of our class against that (s) of opposite, a question of principle and self-esteem that arises there, a question of producers’ pride in the face of those who cannot do without us. They may computerize, robotize, dematerialize what we produce, it is always about us, we are not easily tolerated, and not these material investments which are tax deductible.

It was not by chance that André Bergeron (by the way, hi Dede!) Claimed that the production tool is taxable …

In short, there is no real dialogue with the Patronage and / or the State that when there is a demand, that is to say one or more projects specific to our camp and certainly not necessarily to that of in front. Moreover, opposite, they never lack arguments, demands and / or projects to offer us!

So why should we come to their field of their social dialogue – in other words of their social monologue – to take or leave, the one they want us to swallow, at all costs, because there would not be – they say – other solution (s)?

Astonishing, isn’t it? There is never any other solution (s) than the one (s) they present to us. They desperately never manage to put themselves in our shoes. They must systematically generate a profit when they ask us.

Why ? Because it is a real question of pride, sufficiency, arrogance (in all senses of the word) with regard to those they consider to be weaker than them, therefore of intellectual and physical contempt. ‘respect for the lives of those that this wealthy class imposes on them, steals from them or steals from them. Aware that they are what they do, they cannot conceive of themselves as exploited, they can never or almost never carry out on their own the project (s) they are building because they want people, their people at their feet – half human, half working or companion animals – so that THEIR LIVES may be successful, fulfilling. Are they crazy (I can’t say  » let’s be crazy «  in their place, we dream of a different society than theirs), that their life be inscribed in history (the real one, human science which, when it still speaks about it (!), only reserves a dozen of lines to The Paris Commune in its history programs)?

Claims and confrontation of solutions to the social problem or support for the employers’ plan in the subsidiary space that it has reserved for « Its human resources » , after and because the representatives of the latter have accepted and therefore shared the diagnosis, pre-established of course … “That is the question! «  .

I was recently brought in, « At a distance » , to represent FO in a session of reflection and development of working conditions at home – that the supporters of the shared diagnosis call « Teleworking » – under the aegis of the State represented by DIRECCTE (*) .

This was the first session in which the very suspicious FO-22 participated. In fact, since the first sessions which we had not attended, it was a question of defining a protective framework for the employees of companies with less than fifty employees, but with a view to optimizing the productivity of these companies. .

Were present at this meeting, the representatives of the CGT (which had proposed to develop the project), of the CFDT, of the CFTC, CFE-CGC, a representative of the Patronage, of the FDSEA, two participants not having been not presented, all under the aegis of the Deputy Director of DIRECCTE.

In short, a working meeting, shall we say, for the common good benefiting both the employer and the employee by « Tele-work » .

Do you see where I am going with this? Yes, of course, unlike – the subject of this article – between national negotiations and shared regional or departmental diagnosis or support from the boss … in the interest of all. Mainly his own and, in fact, secondarily that of his employees …

Instead, inversion of the principle of favor obliges, negotiations as we had known during decades, which saw the employers’ organizations confronting the trade union organizations pushing their arguments as far as possible in order to improve the existing by de new advantages in the social field of the boss … a modest session « Modern » constructive work,  » hand in hand «  Why ?

For a peaceful way of working, without conflict, in the common interest. And of course, any evidence of improvement in employee protection, or any demand to counterbalance the company’s interference in the employee’s private life, found  » her «  CFDT delegate thinking in place of the little boss, speaking almost exclusively on behalf of the latter, to say that he could not, that he would never accept …

The end of this working meeting between people of good will, constructive, could only end with a clause of « Review » with a finalized version or almost of the project … still linked to the epidemic situation.

The only mention, presented by FO, of increasing employee protections, with regard to the prospect of 80/85% teleworking by 2030, had as it were thrown in « Probing water » marigo!

Ah! Sacred Rerum Novarum, come on, when you hold us!

So, is it really to this unionism that the driving forces of the CGT-FORCE OUVRIÈRE confederation now want to sacrifice their independence of analysis and action, their freedom of action and thought?

For the benefit of what? Autonomy of maneuvers, of choice of the color of the wallpaper already chosen for the walls of the golden prison in which they aspire to reify themselves?

And the class, in all this?

– Yes sir ! 1984, chef!

Ite missa est! Break ranks!


(*) DIRECCTE: Regional Directorate for Enterprises, Competition, Consumption, Labor and Employment.


Under the number Annexe circ. n ° 53-2021, FO activists can read the plot of the intervention of Yves Veyrier, current Secretary General of FO, addressed to the Prime Minister, during the multilateral meeting of March 15, 2021. It is stated at the beginning of this text: “With the public authorities, when we are consulted, we share our opinions. « . This can rightly shock the FO activist who knows that FO has been sharing his « demands » from the start and does not give « advice » from experts.

Regarding the health crisis, Veyrier recalls that there are rents which « fall every month ». However, he does not claim, which is a classic for the 150 years of the Commune, a moratorium on rents. Why, when it is the mandate?

It is also not claimed to repeal Law n ° 2020-290 of 23 March 2020 urgently to deal with the epidemic of covid-19, which, on the official pretext of « dealing with the epidemic » , does not provide any means of public health in the matter but, on the other hand, takes advantage of the pretext to question the taking of paid leave by the employee and the working week, which can be increased to 60 hours. The least of things is to demand the repeal of this law, of which it is well known that the employers wish that it become perennial.

There is not a word, in addition, on the current conditions of the state of emergency with a Defense Council, whose liberticidal nature is beyond doubt and that a pandemic can in no way justify.

However, many Democrats are calling for an end to the state of emergency, the return to democratic functioning of all the institutions and “intermediary bodies”. The pandemic has a strong backing to push through counter-reforms on unemployment insurance or on « global security » in conditions where social protest is prohibited from making itself heard.

It is necessary to demand the repeal of anti-social and anti-democratic decrees and laws, which the government is passing under such conditions. For example, and explicitly, demand the repeal of the decree of December 2, 2020, openly liberticide and anti-union. Such is not the case. These are only general formulas, whereas, as the other says, «  what is well conceived is clearly stated « .

Regarding unemployment insurance, Veyrier asks for « the abandonment of the provisions », likely to come into force on July 1, 2021. But why not claim, for example, as required by the mandate, by recalling the terms of the general resolution of 2018 (p.12): “The Congress considers it essential to give effect to the right for all to freely chosen employment and to combat the real causes of unemployment by promoting the creation of lasting and quality jobs. He thus condemns all the practices which have no other object or effect than to fictitiously reduce the unemployment figures, on the model of a generalized logic of « micro-work » or following the example of Germany which abolished the majority of unemployment benefits resulting in a five-fold increase in the number of poor workers.  »

And all the more so since there are already more than 9 million workers below the poverty line and that this will worsen with the fall in unemployment benefits: the result will be fewer unemployed by making more poor and excluded living in misery. While dividends continue to be paid without the government taking any action. What is said, on this last point, but nothing is claimed, such as a law limiting the share of dividends with a salary scale. It is possible, it is what existed thirty years ago!

But if this is not claimed, the Prime Minister in question, notoriously at the boot of banks and multinationals, like Macron, will not make the effort to understand, for sure. All he can understand is that the Secretary General of FO does not take his responsibilities, as in the time of Bothereau, Bergeron and Blondel, and does not respect his mandate: to clearly demand for the well-being of workers and workers.

Most astounding, however, is Veyrier’s comment on teleworking. In his speech, he questions teleworking and states: “the Mettling report raises questions. I say it, we fear to see there the Trojan horse of a third statute. « . However, it is the open secret of current propaganda that, under the pretext of a pandemic, teleworking as widespread as possible should be as widespread as possible. Because it is a question of moving towards another status of work: individualized and at the mercy of the boss! The problem is that the Mettling report not having resulted in a law, it is not him that should be denounced. What must be denounced is the National Interprofessional Agreement of November 26, 2020 on teleworking, which undoubtedly carries the risk of the “Trojan horse” of a third status. This is why Medef welcomes this in its letter of February 15, 2021 to trade unions. Except that FO has signed this damned text favorable to the “employer’s charter” and for which the collective agreement no longer exists, except “possibly”.

And there, the question is asked: how long must FO militants endure this double talk? How long will an alliance between groups in the FO apparatus, since October 2018, impose this practice contrary to the interests of the workers, in the incomprehensible silence of the authorities: Executive Commission, CCN …?

Because the only answer is to demand the immediate withdrawal of the FO signature from the ANI text of November 26. It is impossible to continue the comedy: « my right hand does not know what

my left hand ”and it is impossible for FO to sign, with its Secretary General, a“ Trojan horse ”text of the status of worker without rights, individualized and without collective defense.

And we should be satisfied with an evocation of the antisocial risk, while maintaining the signature of FO? This position is untenable. This duplicity mocks the mandate, like activists. As of the next CCN, the withdrawal of the signature must be required, as must the respect of the mandate. Because this kind of double game has always led to the liquidation of groups, parties or unions who wanted to play to the finest. The recent example of the Socialist Party, liquidator of socialism, is quite clear and which has led to the massive downsizing of its apparatus.

No double talk at FO! But clearly stated social demands which unambiguously condemn economic liberalism and the financialization of the economy, bearers of social injustice and misery as well as the destruction of social democracy. FO cannot be complicit in this by signing disastrous agreements for the workers and by playing comedy with puns: we are not “partners”, but “interlocutors”, says Veyrier in his text.

Neither. We, trade unionists, are, with our class program and facing the class program of the Patronage and its government (everything for the shareholders!), The representatives of the world of work. And it is not by playing with words that we get there. It is by claiming loud and clear and respecting the mandate, by not signing anything that is contrary and undermines the rights and working conditions.

Two years of double talk at FO without respecting the mandate, with two years of culpable complicity, that is enough! Back to class independence and freedom!

Gerard da Silva


« Global Security, by what right? « 

What does this idea of « Global security » and where does it come from? What are the new surveillance systems envisaged? What is the safety continuum? What does the parliamentary process for adopting the law reveal? Why is freedom of opinion threatened?

The film « Global Security, by what right? « * combines the points of view of seven academics, researchers in law, specialists in criminal law, criminal policy, personal data and public space. Asked about this bill « Global security » , they decipher the technopolice devices provided for by the text and, beyond that, the political project that it conceals.

A brief inventory of the strengths of their analysis is mentioned below in this article, with the link to view this film in its entirety, rich in legal references.

The notion of « Global security » emerges following the fall of the Berlin Wall (November 9, 1989). The threat no longer being considered of States against States, but of small groups endowed with a capacity of action at the level of a State, the military circles fear the reduction of their budgets. They then emit the idea, especially from the United States, that the State must invest security means both inside and outside their borders.

The security continuum, incorporated in this bill, would arise from synergy, from better coordination of the police forces. To the current 250,000 personnel of the national, municipal and gendarmerie police, 21,500 police officers and 165,000 private security agents would be added.

This massive increase in the surveillance of the population would therefore be achieved by subcontracting statements of offense to private companies.

A whole network of public and private agents will be able to observe, monitor and feel the population with considerable material resources: CCTV cameras with facial recognition on agents, buses and trams, drones, etc.

This global surveillance reveals a panopticon-type social project, as in prisons of the same type where the doors of all cells can be monitored from a single point of view.

Means of « Technopolice », of « Intelligent surveillance », are already developing all over the world, not only in totalitarian states, but also in so-called democratic states: sound and thermal sensors, odor and image sensors, fixed or mobile, front cameras, on-board cameras, cameras pedestrians …

The extent of this overall control of the territory would be made possible by the integration into common law of

practices of  » emergency state », No longer just reserved for one-off events, whether we agree or not, attacks or epidemics, but at any time, in any place and in any circumstance.

If this bill questions the future of freedoms, the same applies to the methods used for its legality.

Because a political project is clear and undeniable behind this law, but it is invisible by the technical nature of the text submitted to parliamentarians. Its systemic incomprehension thus prevents any form of substantive debate on the paradigm shift on security.

Reading the debates in the National Assembly proves that only technical points were discussed. The adversarial debate process, the outcome of which is not predetermined, is thus replaced by a simple chamber of registration of the law presented by the Macron government.

Fortunately, pressure from the street has been expressed through many demonstrations, since its update, reappropriating this debate, with unambiguous slogans:

« Orwell was right … Mouth blurring … Smile, you were filmed … Overall security = general dictatorship, etc … »

It also challenges the articles of this law calling into question the measures to adapt the sentence for offenses against the police, in this case during demonstrations.

These removals of sentencing arrangements are only seen once so far and for terrorists. We therefore assimilate the protester to  » a terrorist « .

Monitoring and punishing is indeed the mark of a totalitarian society!

When the prefect of Paris, Didier Lallement told a demonstrator “We are not in the same camp! « , he was right, like an admission.

The bourgeoisie always defends its interests (and its privileges) and we, ours, the working people, the proletarians, “The toothless”.

We do not let anything.


* See the film on: https://vimeo.com/506052816

Olivier Cahn, Professor at the University of Tours
Christine Lazerges, Emeritus Professor at the University of Paris 1- Panthéon-Sorbonne
Raphaële Parizot, Professor at the University of Paris Nanterre Pascal Beauvais, Professor at the University of Paris 1- Panthéon-Sorbonne
Lucie Cluzel, Professor at Paris Nanterre University Ludivine Richefeu, Lecturer at CY Cergy Paris University
and Noé Wagener, Professor at the University of Paris Est Créteil


Corruption at the initiative of, among other things, the employer is incompatible with respect for the trade union mandate, this being the result of the demands and salary specifications to be defended to the detriment of corporate profit.

The employer, in order to have representatives who understand his company vision and his interests, will endeavor to favor a social dialogue with elected officials and a career and salary development denied to the majority of employees.

No, trade unionists cannot situate themselves within the framework of the common good, they are not social partners.

History has shown it, even today the sharing of wealth is always done to the detriment of the greatest number in a company, regardless of its size.

Like Belin during the Second World War, today the compromise of union representatives cannot hide the reality of the facts.

You will read the email intended for all Airbus employees in France, where without pretension on my part the information concerning the existence of Airbus’ participation in the gold mines in Mali. Airbus (and not just the managers) will find it difficult to justify the layoffs in the future in all the countries where it is established.

I informed you that Airbus, like many companies, is taking advantage of the financial windfall with the COVID situation, and is preparing to proceed with layoffs.

I have warned you, you Airbus Nantes employees, that the company has stakes in gold mines in Mali (see Marc Echinger’s book – The man who knew too much – Editions MASSOT, page 55 and 56) .And after having taken advantage of our tax money to develop the aeronautics industry, the leaders of Airbus prefer to privatize the profits and nationalize the losses … did they not demand that the management of Airbus preserve the industrial tool and all its jobs?

I sent this same email to the FO Airbus union in St Nazaire. This information is intended for all FO union members including Airbus in Nantes, St Nazaire and Toulouse. In 2007, during « power 8 », you refused the provocation of 2.88 euros of profit-sharing bonus while the leaders of Airbus pocketed capital gains of several million euros. Tomorrow in the near future, you will have to refuse to be sacrificed as Airbus has taken over Mali’s gold.

Today, the connivance maintained between management and trade unions sacrifices your interests.

It is because there is collusion with consequences for you employees and citizens of this country that your future has darkened.

Do not believe for a single moment that this dramatic situation is the prerogative of certain officials in FO.

I give you the link to listen to a Comrade of the CGT (Jean Bernard Gervais who worked in the communication department, see his book: In the kingdom of the CGT ) who also denounces support unionism in his union organization


This witch hunt targeting trade unionists of which I am a member and who defend the independence of the trade union organization and the Charter of Amiens against all attempts at corruption and power MUST STOP.

The question of respecting the mandate at all levels of OF resulting from the Confederal Congress of Lille is an imperative which is imperative to all. No one has the right to sell off the gains that the ancients have conquered.

The union must remain a tool of resistance and action in favor of the employees of this country.



Fred, secretary of the FO union of the Franche Comté Bourgogne Regional Council has long demonstrated the demands of his union, on strike days and every Saturday for two years, often at the head of the procession of yellow vests.

His determination earned him, as a reminder, 7 police custody, a search of his home and 4 criminal trials, not to mention the cascading fines of € 135; real relentlessness when he is only exercising his most fundamental right to demonstrate peacefully.

Sentenced in 2020 for chanting « CASTANER ASSASSIN », slogan of a large number of demonstrators when the Minister of the Interior came to Besançon, he appealed.

Good news for Freedom of expression, he is now released by the Court of Cassation.

However, nothing is definitively acquired, everything is still on the workshop.

Because, again arrested during the demonstration of December 5, 2020, he was again fined € 135 for having gone to a demonstration, declared in addition, then pinned to the ground by six police officers for asking them his way to leave the demonstration.

He is still on trial on May 20, 2021. Following the next episode.

So let us all remain vigilant, demonstrators, strikers and activists, because with the attacks and various threats of the police state today, and the global security law to come, we are all Fred.

« A people willing to sacrifice a little freedom for a little security deserves neither and will end up losing both » – Benjamin Franklin.

Laurence S.

When Confederation
calls for clemency!

Clémence: (from the Latin Clementia): feeling of generosity which leads to sparing the guilty or to mitigate the penalties incurred « – Larousse

It is therefore with an astounding appeal for « clemency » that the Confederation, in a press release dated February 22, addressed the Minister of Labor rather than requiring that the procedures for the overpaid by a certain many precarious employees and seasonal workers are abandoned!

This call for clemency is proof of allegiance to Christian corporatism. This is a notion that originally was a call to God. After that it was a call for clemency towards the sovereign and, with the current constitution, it is article 17 of the constitution. In fact, only the president is accessible to « leniency », not a minister.

Should we deduce from this that the Confederation now has no other ambition for its militants and members than to whisper timidly in the ear of the government so that it deigns to show « leniency » on the examination of the situation of precarious who are neither guilty nor outlaw!

It would be high time for the apparatus to come to its senses and resume the straight line of what our organization is. A free and independent organization, resistant, demanding and conquering.

In all cases, a union makes demands, does not appeal for leniency (unless it is called CFDT).

No leniency for leniency, it’s about claiming!




L’Échappée Edition – 2008 – translated from Living My
Life by Laure Batier and Jacqueline Reuss

After long years of exile, at the age of 59, Emma Goldman landed in Saint-Tropez in 1928, to write her Briefs which it will complete in 1931. Some twists and turns in the edition of this book follow. A first edition, in the United States, truncated from all the last part around his stay in Russia from 1920 to 1921, then his complete autobiography will be published in several countries, in America, England, Italy, Spain and Germany. In France, Living My Live is translated but for a very short adaptation in 1979. It was not until 2018 that we could have the translation of the autobiography of this illustrious anarchist.

Fleeing Tsarist Russia, she arrived in the United States in 1885, she was 16 years old. She became an anarchist following the Chicago tragedy where eight innocent people, eight anarchists, were convicted of a crime they had not committed. It’s the click, she won’t stop wanting  » live your life «  in accordance with his convictions. Seamstress, nurse, midwife, she was above all a lecturer on all subjects of interest to anarchist communities and groups, very numerous and scattered in a large number of States. An activist for consented motherhood, she began promoting contraception in farmers’ associations in Wyoming, then in meetings organized in cities. At the same time, it supports the hard strikes of the workers in the face of the violence of American capitalism. She runs from one conference to another, organizing fundraising in support of the strikers, the many prisoners among the militant anarchists and trade unionists. She crosses America and Europe in all directions. Very verbose like all the anarchists of that time, she wrote articles in the most widely read newspapers of the American population, she participated in the creation of newspapers, the most famous of which was Mother earth . Arrested by the police, imprisoned for her ideas, she does not submit to threats. His companion and friend, Alexandre Berckman, after several years in prison, was expelled from the United States under the anti-anarchist law applied during the First World War in the United States. They are sent like cattle to Russia, their country of origin shaken up by the revolution of 1917. Many American anarchists believe that Russia fulfills everything they dreamed of and defended a lifetime, the liberated proletariat. Quickly, it is an immense disillusion, the massacres of the opponents to the dictatorship of the Bolsheviks by the Cheka, the horror lived in Kronstadt; very quickly the urgency is to flee this country of organized terrors. Exile and stateless, she settled in France after having traveled Europe in search of a host country.

Every time I opened this big book of more than 1,000 pages, I had the feeling of spending a long evening listening to the latest adventures of a companion in struggle, so lively and unadorned her writing is. It is overflowing with freedom, with a fierce desire to build a life of fighting, love, brotherhood and emancipation. An image: around 1910, she meets, on the roads, a couple of anarchists who move in « Auto-house » , a converted car (motorhome), where they have set up a small printing press! Ready for propaganda!


We can appreciate the importance of the anarchist aspirations carried by this entire population of workers, made up of different immigrations of European origin. The first conferences she held were either in Yiddish, German, or Russian, before she had a perfect command of American. This shows the importance of audiences.

Reading his book gives the feeling that in the United States the class struggle is a constant of extremely violence. Two adversities clash, on the one hand capitalism, with its bosses, government minions, and its cohort of cops, judges and crooked politicians, and on the other side, workers, unionists and anarchists . The unions are corporatist and disagreements are frequent with the union organizations of anarchist workers. This does not prevent them from coming together to stand up and help each other.

Where the life of an individual does not weigh heavily …

The most moving part is the disillusionment that immediately arises after arriving in Russia. Of course, she was still in America, where some were already denouncing the Bolshevik persecutions, but many believed that this information had come from capitalist propaganda. This great deception will continue well beyond, because Lenin and his henchmen like Trosky, commissar of war, will organize by all means the means of disinformation. The course of the Red Trade Union Congress or 3 th Congress of the Communist International , in 1921 in Moscow, is indicative of the desire to intoxicate the invited delegates with their lies. It reveals the determination to expand Bolshevism among the trade unions of Europe and the United States. The representatives of the American unions submit, bought or bewitched. Some French, Italian, Swedish, Spanish and German representatives try to obtain from Lenin the release of all the anarchists imprisoned in Taganka prison by the Tcheka and assimilated to bandits. Sirolle, French trade unionist, denounces the Moscow plot.

“I know this ‘biggest revolution’ is the biggest scam that masks all crimes to keep the Communists in power. […] Who would have imagined that the Communist State surpasses Uncle Sam! (E.Goldman).

The anarchists and de facto anarcho-syndicalists are imprisoned and exiled in America, condemned and deported to Russia; in Europe, they are decimated by the war machine of 14-18. Unionism persists, but too often alienated from Bolshevik influence. Beyond the 1920s, the class struggle was made doubly complex: to fight capitalism and to thwart the tricks of the Soviet autocracy.

Today, the methods persist, the parties of Marxist obedience use the same stratagems of entry into the trade union organizations in order to divert them from their commitment to their political aims.

We saw this in November 2016, during the World Conference Against War, Exploitation and Precariousness in Mumbaï: we observed, over the course of the interventions, that, curiously, the workers’ history did not begin until 1917! For us, French anarcho-syndicalists, nearly a century of our history, since 1830, seemed erased.

Meeting with French trade unionists one year after the Amiens Congress

In 1907, the anarchists of the west coast (USA), mandated Emma Goldman to participate in the International Anarchist Congress in Amsterdam. From there she joined Kropotkine who was passing through Paris. Of course she meets Monatte at the General Confederation of Labor where she discovered the unionism of the Charter of Amiens live. Here is a short excerpt from Emma Goldman’s memoir while at the CGT in 1907:

“At the General Confederation of Labor, with the help of Monatte, I was able to study unionism in action. Its leaders were almost all anarchists, men much more solid and interesting than the kind commonly encountered in Paris. Pouget, Pataud, Delesalle, Griffuelhes and Monatte were not only brilliant defenders of new workers’ theories, but they had knowledge and practical experience of the daily struggles of the proletarians. Together with their colleagues, they had transformed the Labor Exchange into a real hive. Each union had set up its office there, and many printed their newspapers at the common printing press. « La Voix du peuple », for example, a CGT weekly, was perhaps the most informative and best-corrected workers’ newspaper in the world. To teach workers all aspects of the complex industrial system, evening classes were held there. Lectures were held on scientific or economic topics, and the workers themselves operated a well-equipped dispensary and nursery. […]

By observing and studying trade unionism at its very source, I became convinced that the trade union movement materialized the economic arena where the world of work opposed its power to the organized forces of its adversary, capitalism ”.

So ? Sounds a bit like us, right? We are always here.

Read Live my life Emma Goldman, it’s a breath of fresh air.

March 6, 2021

Nothing is more like the story
that what power
agrees to put in his museums

At the very moment when a part of the French population, but also international, intends to celebrate the too short existence of the Paris Commune by taking, this year, support on its one hundred and fiftieth anniversary, a political excess, to which ignoble subscribed upholders of this unjust and unequal world, including celebrities like the mayor of Paris, a political outrage, I said, comes to stab, comes to bring the blow to the only modern example that we have of the attempt to create a world other than mercantile and of classes, in short of a world without hatred, egalitarian and based on direct democracy.

This political outrage, a real new provocation against French-style secularism which wants the State to neither pay nor subsidize any religion and remain neutral with respect to religions, wants to raise to the rank of historical monument, a « sacred -cœur ”erected, on the initiative of a magnate of the time, and his son, in expiation of the crimes of La Commune.

But, god damn it! What crimes was therefore guilty of the commune of Paris, like those of Lyon, which had preceded it, of St-Etienne, of Creuzot, of Thiers, of Toulouse, of Narbonne, of Marseilles if not to want to come back? to the universal values of the Republic (re) proclaimed on September 4, 1870?

Woe to the vanquished who are inevitably wrong: how, in 2021, are there still « politicians » who can compare the several dozen hostages taken by the Communards to the tens of thousands of Communards shot and then massacred (with bayonets) in Versailles and its infamous Satory camp, in Paris during the fighting, with cannon then melee, again the bayonet!

Should these professional soldiers have been frustrated in their pride as warriors, to have taken a « quick bite » against the Prussians, to let off steam so brutally on women and children daring to fight against them?

In the hostages of the Commune, a dozen clerics, including a bishop! It is there, the crime of the Commune, in the disrespect of the uniformed and ensoutanés, of the laws made by the rich for the rich. Down with the saber and the brush they sang, and, deep down, that’s what they are reproached, even today, to the Communards, for having stopped believing in nonsense, in these fables of nullity. without equal, whereas, for the honest people, the “right-thinking”, it would be necessary that each one, in his place, accepts his fate, without flinching, because life here below, it is like that! Atonement! It is certain that the thousands of Communards condemned to prison had time to think about it, in Algeria or in New Caledonia, in Cayenne or in Biribi …

But, if we scratch the image a little bit, it is the sordid truth that we discover under the varnish, the « do what I say, do not try to do what I do »! Otherwise, these poor ecclesiastics could only have rejoiced to « cross over to the other side », since, to believe them, it is after death that life is beautiful, this life on earth being made only to atone for original sin …

For God Sake ! Far from me, the idea of justifying a killing, but always and again today, going to compare the tens of thousands of deaths on the Commune side with the few hundred, counting those of the fighting, on the Versailles side, is to despise a story about which the power of today, united with that of yesterday, throws a veil and does not want to extend, that of the people seeking happiness during their lifetime, freeing themselves from the Churches and dogmas, giving themselves instruction public and free, giving itself equality of the sexes, freeing itself from the « sacred bonds of marriage » and giving itself direct democracy as a means of achieving, on this earth and not elsewhere, a society liberated from capital, its classes and from alienation to and through forced labor.

What crimes should we have and should we still atone by consecrating the sacred heart as a “historic monument”? ! At a time when everyone is (rightly) moved by what is happening in Burma and wherever civilians are killed, let’s go back, time and space in a few lines on these two officers, including the official history will certainly not retain the absence of prowess vis-a-vis the Prussian enemy, but the only fact that they were shot, some say « assassinated »; Senior Versailles officers charged, on March 18, 1871, to steal the defense cannons of a Paris refusing to surrender to the enemy, to bring them back to Versailles, seat of the self-proclaimed government (September 4, 1870), having surrendered – Hadn’t they already ordered their troops to shoot point blank at the peaceful crowd blocking them? If the « lignards » charged with this dirty work, had not put « butt in the air » and broke ranks, thus joining the spared women, men and children, the slayers of proletarians (rather than Prussians!) ‘were these two generals Lecomte and Clément-Thomas would undoubtedly have been considered heroes and acclaimed upon their return to Versailles. Be that as it may, if their own professional soldiers shot them quickly, it was because they knew what courage in the face of the enemy and

Also, let’s keep in mind what the Paris Commune went through, and do our best so that it does not go to dust in a museum from the pre-cybernetic era.

In this moment when our working-class history is diluted over the years of the spectacles and the abundance of goods to be consumed, and still confronts each other but always more with difficulty with the History (the official) of France, the Versaillais d ‘who govern us today aim to put the finishing touches on the separation of individuals and the fragmentation of consciousness.

The various Covidian epidemics are a real blessing for the liberal-liberals who govern us today. Not only is separating ourselves even more from each other becomes « child’s play », by adding to the tools already honed and considered essential by each of us, that of Telework and video-meetings; But this confinement of consciousness in a present precarious by diseases and the risks that result from it, monopolizes our reflection and quite simply prevents us from thinking about our present time other than by security measures, wished for ever more secure and fulfilled as close as possible to the asks, when they are not anticipated with a great deal of decree-laws that are truly liberticidal: « Nothing resembles virtue like a great crime » had said Saint-Just.

Until now, we have had a working-class history crammed with scattered, national, general strikes, more or less well « followed »; spontaneous and ephemeral revolts which surprise and / or frighten the rulers. Today, they are all potentially limited, all the more easily repressed as they are socially stifled by the only social rhythms, unavoidable not to say sacred: school rhythms with their holidays and their return to school; pace of work with bridges, vacations, car or social returns; festive rhythms with weekends, official holidays (All Saints, Christmas and New Years, Easter, May 1, August 15, …), etc.

It was not so much the guns gouging out the eyes, cutting the fingers or breaking the limbs that came to the end of the so-called « yellow vests » movement, but the new « habits and customs » born from the world of separation now in place. .

Like their ancestors of 1871, the Communards of tomorrow will have their work cut out for them, let us not doubt that for a single moment! So, let’s never forget!



From the CGT secretariat to the CGT-FO general secretariat (1933-1963)

Gerard Da SILVA

Prefaces by Josiane Blondel and Jean Jayer

Robert Bothereau, trade unionist from Loiret, became one of the secretaries of the CGT in 1933, at the age of 33. The CGT, headed by Léon Jouhaux, was then « Confederate » , that is to say independent vis-à-vis the parties. The Communists, minority, left the CGT and founded the CGTU. When it merged with the CGT in 1936, Bothereau was the negotiator of the merger. This reunified CGT is for aid to Republican Spain and against the Munich agreements. Bothereau joined the Resistance in 1940. Noting in 1945 that the communist tendency now weighs 80% within the CGT, he decided to found the Friends of Force Ouvrière , who will become the CGT-Force Ouvrière . Bothereau was its first Secretary General (1948-1963). Based on archival documents, usually unpublished, this work refutes the allegations of a CGT-FO created by and with CIA money. This first biography of Bothereau highlights his importance as the organizer of the trade unionism of the Charter of Amiens: a free trade unionism. Militant, disinterested and faithful, this exemplary life sheds light on the history of the 20th century.

Publication: 02/04/21
Format: 15.5 x 24 cm – 278 p.
ISBN: 978-2-343-21787-1
25 €

Manifesto for a free and independent trade unionism

Attached is the Manifesto for a free and independent trade unionism, published in September 2012 by the group of compañeros de Pelloutier and the Union des AnarchoSyndicalistes.


Les compañeros de Pelloutier « We women and men, free and independent trade unionists attached to the Charter of Amiens, friends of Pelloutier, anarchists, anarcho-syndicalists, libertarians, militant workers, resistance fighters, revolutionary trade unionists … » who have become companions of thought and of struggle, we decide to face the oppression suffered by the working class by the dictatorship of capitalism.

We call on the militant workers of the working class to work for their freedom, and to defend free and independent trade unionism everywhere.

Manifesto for a free and independent trade unionism:

Unfortunately, we have to realize that today the trade union movement is once again threatened with outright destruction.

Confederate workers’ unionism was built on the observation that, if men have a common destiny, they do not have the same interests and that the situation of both sides is defined on the basis of the establishment of power relations. With all due respect to those who propagate the myth of the « common good », the class struggle remains an inescapable reality.

This is the foundation of our unionism as it was defined in 1906 at the Congress of Amiens. A free and independent unionism, a class struggle unionism.

Today, as yesterday, the supporters of autocracy oppose the “Charter of Amiens” with the “Charter of Labor”.

Unity of action is solely the expression of the workers’ demands and the modalities of action decided jointly. It is then a union weapon. Conversely, union unity, claiming to achieve organic unity, is part of a totalitarian project.

Events accelerated considerably during the movement against pension reform in 2010. The inter-union has become a lasting structure. It brings together “trade union organizations” in a conglomerate with a host of slogans ranging from “reform the reform” to “another reform”.

The common denominator of this structured « inter-union » is opposition to the demands of the working class, better still, organic unity obliges, it is a question of pushing the working class towards demoralization.

We are there in the totalitarian logic of a trade unionism trying to become unique under the aegis of the double patronage of Thibault and Chérèque. This is the logical consequence of the agreement between the government, MEDEF, CGT and CFDT on union representativeness.

To see this process through to the end, they want to put an end to free and independent trade unionism and work towards the creation of a single trade union integrated into the corporatist state.

The procedures put in place are akin to a policy based on the hazy ideology of « the association of labor capital ».

Trade unionism must, in accordance with the Charter of Amiens, defend the interests of the working class in total independence from parties, employers and states.

In such a context, it is necessary that the CGT-FO resist the totalitarian sirens of union unity. We must maintain our opposition to united, participatory and collaborative trade unionism.

For this, strict respect for the rules of federalism of workers’ democracy is the only one capable of preventing bureaucratic drifts and the threat of subsidiarity that the economic, political and social context will encourage.

It is therefore essential to reaffirm our will to see repealed the law on union representativeness and its transposition in the public sector.

The resolution of the CCN of the CGT-FO of October 9 and 10, 2010 stipulated:

“The CCN reiterates its determination to develop free and independent trade unionism. He requests the withdrawal of the law of August 20, 2008. ”.

It would be a serious illusion to believe in our survival within the framework of this law, including by being « representative ».

Trade union independence applies to the entire international labor movement. On this issue, we salute our fellow Tunisian trade unionists who worked for their freedom, but who refused to join the provisional government.

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) is nothing other than the transmission belt of the European Commission within the trade union movement. Its objective is to participate in the construction of a totalitarian and Vatican Europe for the benefit of financial capital alone.

The same is true for the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).

It is always a question of involving the unions in the management of the globalized economy.

It is clear that the goal is to get the unions to endorse, by their presence, the development of decisions dictated by the interests of the employers, the IMF, the banks and their State auxiliaries.

To defend the interests of the working class, unions must resist and say NO to any form of participation in these corporate structures.

We must therefore recreate international trade union organizations of free unions.

In this regard, it is advisable to denounce the abuse of words which consists in deliberately confusing at the trade union level: “Reformists” and “integrationists”.

Our union movement, shared by different currents (notably reformists and revolutionaries), has achieved and is achieving its unity on the need recognized by all for its independence.

In the international context we know, where many peoples are fighting for bread, their freedom and their emancipation, it is more than ever our responsibility to offer real prospects to workers: we know that these will not come out. ballot boxes.

It is through our determined involvement, through our respect for the mandate, that our trade unions will achieve their goals and their resolutions, in complete independence.

Under these conditions, the undersigned consider that the time has come to issue a solemn appeal to all activists to organize themselves in order to preserve the independence of their trade unions, in other words, to oppose their integration or to their outright destruction.

List of signatories:

Jean Louis ABAUTRET 56, Josiane ANSQUER 29, Christine AUBÉRY 22, Sylvain AUVRAY 50, Nicole BARNOUD 69, Didier BECASSE 22, Lucienne BELKHAIR 29, Jean BERCHER, Fabrice BERNARD 29, Bénédicte BERNARD 29, René BESCOND 29, Arnaud BOONE 22, Emmanuelle BOULARD 22, Mostafa BOULIL 35, Robert BOURDIC 29, Yvon BOURHIS 22, Marie-Catherine BOYADJIS 44, Carole BOZEC 29, Patrice BRENEOL 29, Patrick BROSSARD 44, Daniel CAM 29, Syndicat FO des Territoriaux de Brest CGT-FO BREST CUB 29, Bruno CHOISNE 29, Serge COCAIGN 29, Dominique COGNYL 29, Béatrice COLLIOU 29, Alain CORRE 29, Gilles COUSIN 22, Didier CREIS 29, Céline CUSSAC 35, Catherine DENIS 29, André DI BATISTA 29, Antonia DOMINGUEZ 29, CE of the UD du Finistère 29, Gilles FEUNTEUN 29, Jean-Luc FILY 29, Laetitia FONFERRIER 29, Frédéric FOURMENT 35, Didier GAILLARD 35, RMoal GALERON 29, Valérie GERVAIS 75, Loïc GISDAL 29, Denis GOUPIL 22, Denis GUEGUEN 29, Marc GUIGOURESE 29, Christelle GUILLERM 29, Michèle GUILLEROT 29, Marie-Yvonne GUILLOU 29, Mathi eu HAMON 22, Marc HÉBERT 29, Jean HEDOU 75, Karl HENNEQUIN 22, Annie JOSSELIN 35, Christian JOYEUX BOUILLON 69, Bertrand KANBAN 44, Béatrice KERBERENES 29, Annie KERHAIGNON 29, Erwan JAGUIN 22, Denis L’HOSTIS 29, Franck LAPOSSE 22 , Sarah LEBLOND 56, Régis LEBLOND 56, Pascal LE CADRE 56, Elise LE CLOIREC 29, Eric LE COURTOIS 22, Jean-Paul LEFEBURE 69, Jean-Pierre LE FEVRE 22, FO GAD SAS, Patrick LE GOAS, Catalina LEJEUNE29, Brigitte LE MEHAUTE 22, Jean-François LE PALUD 56, Dominique LEPLUMEY 50, Nanette LE ROY 29, Jacques LE SOMMER 29, Patricia LELOUP 22, Marie LENNON 29, Laurent LEPETITCORPS 29, Fabrice LERESTIF 35, Alain LOSSOUARN 29, Lydie LOYER 56, Gael MALGORN 29, Carole MALOISEL 56, Michel MARCHADOUR 29, Christelle MARTIN 75, Max MARTINASSO 22, Véronique MENGUY 22, Stéphane MERRER 29, Valérie MEVEL 29, René MICHOULIER 25, Jean-Luc NEDELEC 29, Nicole PELLEAU 29, Sylvie PENVERN 29, Marcel PERROT 29, Yann PERROTTE 50, Gaëlle PERSON 22, Marie-Louise PICHON 29, Yaele PLOUZENNEC 29, Mi chel POULET 67, Jacques PRIGENT 29, Julien PRUVOST 67, Philippe RAOULT 22, Thierry RAPIN, Philomène RAULT 29, Gérard RIANT 29, Christophe RICHARD 29, Georges RIVALIN 44, Serge ROUDAUT 29, Corinne SALAUN 29, Jacqueline SALIOU 44, Rémi SALOU 29 , Patrice SERBA 29, Emilie SIBOURG 22, Jacques TALLEC 35, Nicolas TESSIER 17, René THEPAUT 29, Thierry THIERCELIN 49, Jean THIRLAND 56, Odile TROUSSEAU 44, Patrick VEGUER 35, Sylvain VERMET 35, Marina VIDELO 22, Kristen VIDELO 22