L’Anarcho-Syndicaliste supplement of n ° 222 – February 2021

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Supplement to N ° 222 – January 2021

Accept the Medef plan,
it is to program the liquidation of the CGT-FO


The government persists in pursuing its policy of destroying social gains, which is why we are launching this alert on the new Medef project: the “Shared diagnosis”.

We have transmitted our analyzes to all the members of the Confederal Executive Committee and its office. We are also alerting the members of the Confederal Committee of Force-Ouvrière, made up of all the Secretaries General of departmental unions and national federations. They will thus be able to take the necessary decisions to protect all workers and the future of trade unions, including Force-Ouvrière.

Accepting the Medef plan means programming the liquidation of the CGT-FO

Les Échos of February 18, 2021 announces: «  Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux has just proposed to union leaders and his employer counterparts in a letter dated February 16 « . In fact, by letter of February 16, 2021, the Medef, the employers’ union, claiming the “pandemic”, intends to impose an “agenda” on the trade union organizations of employees. It provides the framework, it would be a question of « starting together a project on a whole series of concrete subjects ». The letter gives the Ségur agreement on health and the agreement on teleworking as good examples to follow. Then the Medef document lists eight points: on professional training, labor disputes, management of the Workplace Accidents and Occupational Illnesses branch (ATMP), on the National Interprofessional Agreement (ANI) modernization of paritarism of February 17, 2012 , ANI social protection of July 8, 2009, promote  » social mobility in the professional world », Finally on artificial intelligence and employment, climate and energy transition in the company.

That the Medef take this kind of initiative is understandable in a situation that is favorable to it, with a government for the defense of the richest 1% and having imposed by the ordinances of 2017 a liquidation of major sections of the Labor Code.

And then the Medef can take advantage of the “sacred union” agreement of March 19, 2020, by which the trade unions, both CGT, CFDT and Force Ouvrière, signed a joint text with the Medef, by which: “ they thus intend to assert the essential role of social dialogue and collective bargaining. They call on the public authorities and companies to implement all the necessary means to protect the health and safety of employees having to work. « . This text of allegiance to public authorities and companies was to be reflected, as we remember, by the law of March 23 calling into question, still on the pretext of a pandemic, the taking of paid leave and the weekly work week.

The « shared diagnosis », these are the « fundamentals » of Medef

In the logic of Medef, it is to continue in the same direction by taking the initiative to impose its framework of negotiation with the method which is in a word, recurrent in the letter of February 16: « diagnose », and period. 3, by the “shared diagnosis”. Medef is at the forefront of social and union damage by campaigning for its Labor law, Macron ordinances and point-based retirement! The trade unionists are stupid amnesiacs!

In 2017, Medef published a brochure for a «  new method to steer state reform « … It would be necessary (p.26)  » Aim to reverse the trend in public workforce in order to control the evolution of the wage bill for the three public services (€ 283.6 billion, including pensions, in 2016). It will be necessary to target workforce reductions according to priority needs and productivity gains « . To achieve this programmed decline in the workforce, it is necessary to  » Thoroughly reform the civil service statute, and reserve it only for sovereign functions. Rebalance the mix in the public service between statutory and contractual. ”(P.27).

The objective is the demolition of the Civil Service. We recognize the ideology of the liberal extreme right, of the ultra-liberalism of the Chicago school, for which everything must be privatized, including the supposedly sovereign, military and police functions. It is specified (p.30):  » Select and identify, in advance, the priorities in terms of expenditure. Then, adopt a comprehensive approach and serious programming of expenditure reduction. « . This is the diagnosis of Medef for the Civil Service! And it would be necessary to make a « shared » diagnosis?

In fact, the practice of shared diagnosis, for the Medef, requires the agreement of the trade union organizations of employees as is the case for the supporters of Christian corporatism: the CFTC and the CFDT

The latest example of this practice is the agreement of November 26, 2020 on telework, following the ANI of 2005 on telework. In this agreement we read point 2: «  Teleworking is set up within the framework of a collective agreement or, failing that, within the framework of a charter drawn up by the employer after consulting the social and economic committee, if there is one.  »

Signing this text is impossible for Force Ouvrière, because the branch agreement is only residual there while FO fought for months, in 2016, against the Labor law, whose article 2 liquidated the principle of favor, to favor company agreements. However, we read in the agreement on teleworking (2.2):  » The signatories of this agreement insist on the importance of making the implementation of teleworking a subject of social dialogue and negotiation at the level of the company, and, where appropriate, at the level of the professional sector.  »

The mandate of the CGT-FO congresses and especially the most recent, that of Lille in 2018, prohibits and condemns the agreements which validate the abolition of the hierarchy of standards. We cannot in 2020, without betraying the mandate, be in favor of a branch agreement accompanied by a « charter drawn up by the employer » with a reference to the branch which is only marginal, « where applicable » . And yet the FO confederation signed, on November 26, a text contrary to all its commitments. To sign this text is to “eat the mandate” to betray the 95% of the congress participants in Lille.

To sign this text is to clearly position oneself for the unionism of support, of collaboration: unionism would no longer be there to carry the demands of the workers but to explain to them how to accept the yoke of the Patronage, of Finance. It is to move from unionism from “contractual practice” to that of the development of a “contractual policy”. The vocabulary changes, but a diagnosis is a debate of experts, the final result is always the same: one « diagnoses » like the bosses, with the bosses, because the ideology of the « diagnosis » is bosses. It is to accept the ideology according to which there is no class antagonism, divergent interests, exploitation in the company, but only « themes ». When a union leaves the demand, it collaborates, the facts are stubborn and the MEDEF knows it.

As proof, Medef Paris has just released a “Telework Guide”, which states (p.8): “ in any case, the fundamental points for Medef in this negotiation are respected. « What applies to the agreement on teleworking, applies to the MEDEF proposal of February 16, 2021 and its eight themes: that the » fundamental points of the Medef be respected. »!!!.

The comedy of social dialogue can be understood exclusively from the point of view of employers and from the point of view of corporatism of the CFDT and the CFTC, integrated into the state apparatus as “social partners”. It has been this way for over a century … It is not a surprise that the CFDT was for the Juppé plan in 1995, the counter-pension reform in 2003 and 2010, the Labor law in 2016, the Macron ordinances in 2017, then for the retirement by points, the Ségur and the teleworking agreement, etc.

2007: Mailly «  We are not for shared diagnoses « 

Force Ouvrière, which was at the origin of the mobilization against the Juppé plan, against all the counter-reforms on pensions, the Labor law, the Macron ordinances (the endorsement of Mailly having been retested by the CCN in September 2017) and finally the point retreat, can in no case enter into this theme of the Medef. FO has always been against the «  shared diagnosis  » In all areas. This is what Mailly affirmed before the confederal congress of Lille in 2007: “ We are not for shared diagnoses in this matter as in others. ”(P.24 of the report). This orientation is a drift foreign to FO, contrary to its statutes and its history. It is contrary to the mandate of the secretary general of FO.

Since Veyrier has been secretary general, the signatures of the discount at 64, of Ségur, of the agreement on teleworking, go in the wrong direction, that of the corporatism of the CFDT. The only difference, compared to 2017, is that the CCN, which had validly opposed Mailly in September 2017, has since remained silent and failed in its mandate, according to the principle: « who does not say a word consent ”.

From now on, the FO bodies, Executive Commission and National Confederal Committee, are up against the wall: shut up? Do not condemn the acceptance of the Medef proposal? So initiate the liquidation of the CGT-FO? It would, too … precipitate the departure of FO militants no longer recognizing themselves in an organization under the boot of the employers. The trade unionism of demand cannot coincide, by a diagnosis, with the employers. FO cannot be determined in the social agenda of the employers, with the eight points wanted for the employers and all that to « diagnose » with the employers, in complete independence from the employers.

February 18, 2021: Veyrier with Medef is outside his mandate as Secretary General

By letter of February 18 (letter circulating to FO, since he was asked to contact the “respective sectors”), Veyrier gave, without any prior consultation, the following framework, favorable to Medef: “ You will find attached the letter we received from Medef, proposing an autonomous social and economic agenda. This approach is part of the one that the Confederation has been supporting for several months and much longer if we associate it with our attachment to contractual practice and joint action … I ask each of you, in view of your respective sectors, to send me a summary commenting on the subjects proposed by Medef and possibly suggesting subjects not mentioned and for which we have already made proposals or which we would like them to be the subject of discussions .  »

Veyrier knows that what he is proposing is false: this approach is not part of that of the Confederation. Quite the contrary and Mailly, in 2007, against the shared diagnosis is proof of this today, despite himself! It only knew the acceptance of the orders of Macron, without mandate and contrary to the statutes as to the history of FO. What was retouched by the CCN and deleted by the Confederal Congress of FO of April 2018.

Bergeron: «  the class struggle will be eternal »And the real answer to Medef

Historically, two class interests are opposed and, if it is necessary to claim, it is class claims that are essential for free and independent trade unionism. André Bergeron never had the image of a revolutionary, or so very young. But he was a trade unionist respecting the statutes of the CGT-FO, those of free and independent trade unionism. He said it regularly. Thus during the 12th Confederal Congress, held on June 12 and 13, 1974, Bergeron, if he defended the contractual practice, it was to affirm that “ the class struggle will be eternal  » and  » the day when we will no longer be able to practice the class struggle, it is because free trade unionism will have ceased to exist. « . (p.168 of the report). It couldn’t be clearer and more relevant. In doing so, Bergeron was only being faithful to the FO statutes, which affirm  » the imperative need for trade unionism to determine itself with regard to all the problems within its competence which it deems useful to address, which implies that it has full control of its structure, its administration and of his actions, in terms of protest and management. « . Note that this was his response to Alexandre Hébert, one of the founders of the Union des Anarcho-Syndicalistes.

For FO to become a union again and put an end to suicidal corporatism

The response to Medef must comply with the Force Ouvrière statutes:  » the trade union organization will carry out its program and its perspectives in complete independence. «  This program, the Social Plan FO presented by Bothereau in 1962, offers a model to be adapted, provided that the nature of the relations between social groups remains stable.

The program, by way of example, claims:

– Defense and constant improvement of the purchasing power of workers by all means;

– Reduction of working hours in all its forms;

– Equitable distribution of national income:

– Respect for social rights acquired by employees and extension of these rights.

But also :

– the continuous rise in living standards through the development of consumption and productive investments;

– the harmonious development of the economy, in particular through workers’ control over investments, reform of taxation and distribution, the fight against speculation;

– recognition and respect for the economic rights of workers in companies, professional branches and regions;

– the reform of nationalizations, against statization, by a return to the rules of socialized management defined by the trade union movement, rules ensuring real tripartite management …

The priority plan in eight themes of Medef, can only be timely and very beneficial to Medef. Free and independent trade unionism must remain the absolute priority of the CGT-FO. It is enough to express it and to oppose it to Medef. This is the answer to be given to Medef. Collective bargaining can only begin after the balance of power has been established.

However, Veyrier’s request «  to send me a summary commenting on the subjects proposed by the Medef », It is an allegiance to Medef, it is to dare to force the militants to submit within the framework dictated by the employers. Nothing to do with FO Nothing to do with the statutes. Nothing to do with the Charter of Amiens. It suffices to ask for a summary note on the central demands made by activists in companies. It is enough to make a plan of it in major social themes.

The Executive Commission, just like the CCN, has an absolute obligation to ensure that “the mandate, the mandate, the mandate” is respected.

Disavowing this drift towards integrated corporatism advocated by Veyrier is imperative. For the CCN and the EC, the silence, accomplice or not, which has been practiced since the end of 2018, must end. Claiming to be “revolutionaries”, in principle, while maintaining an unnatural alliance, since October 2018, at FO, accepting the “shared diagnosis” is class collaboration, it’s revolutionary, but what revolution is talking about? do we? This time, you have to choose!

This time, it is, publicly, a logic of liquidators of free trade unionism which is proposed by Veyrier. And against this liquidation of FO, against this forward march towards corporatism in dishonor, no more question of career plan in the apparatus. This has only been practiced too much, it is enough by saying nothing and by agreeing to the corporatist drift, the one where FO now signs everything with the CFDT and with the arguments of the CFDT

We must choose, this time we must oppose publicly, because this reactionary step is, in the very short term, suicidal for the Confédération Force Ouvrière and prepares the economic, political and financial dictatorship. This is what is engaged, in deafening silence, by the decree of coping of trade unionists of December 2, 2020, a determined policy of eliminating trade union organizations, the fear of yellow vests radicalizes and uninhibits those in power. Rather than bow down to employers, as Veyrier suggests, it is time to raise our heads and fists, to stop, to put an end to the current, recent drift, outside the mandate and outside the statutes.

Trade unionism is revolutionary in itself!

It is time to resume, as FO always has done, the good fight for the emancipation of workers.

The Union of Anarcho-Syndicalists ,
and FO activists defending the Amiens Charter
January 17, 2021


L’Anarcho-Syndicaliste n° 222 – Janvier 2021