L’Anarcho-Syndicaliste n ° 224 – May 2021

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Wind to pretend!

Some great prophets in revolution know:

  • Remind us that it is urgent, essential, existential not to support the biggest social movement for more than 70 years: the Yellow Vests.
  • Remember that there is no « button » to start a general strike.

But accept an inter-confederal conviction in December 2018 condemning violence … Yellow vests.

The same doctors in revolution, or more exactly « clerics » in revolution invite us to a unitary May Day affirming that it is good for the working class and that free and independent trade unionism is revived.

Optimists, naive or adrift opportunists, in search of small lights not to look at reality, not to seek the truth and speak it, bow their heads and approve of the accompanying unionism practiced by Veyrier and nothing of ‘other.

In short, a good oxymoron to put on the front of the Confederation CGT Force-Ouvrière: Long live free and servile trade unionism.

They validate, by their silence, the competition engaged with the CFDT by doing worse!

In the category of “integrated support unionism” in the USSR and other dictatorships, we spoke of “official unionism” and not “social dialogue”.

This unionism has already existed and still exists in all totalitarian countries and in France, the Labor Charter was a good example.

Veyrier’s unionism is not a class unionism but a collaborative one. He is integrated into the workings of the state and does not care much about the mandate: that of defending the interests of workers.

So the government has decided to pass in force, taking advantage of the windfall effect called « state of health emergency », which has lasted for more than a year, and allows it to pass through decrees or laws passed in the speed of anti-social and liberticidal texts. Among these texts, one horror: the breakdown of unemployment insurance with a scandalous reduction in benefits for the unemployed. With Macron, we are more than 9 million people below the poverty line. With this counter-reform, we will exceed 10 million.

It is a fact, the time has come for a balance of power against the government, the trade union apparatuses stand up on their little claws and publish in the newspaper The world , a Tribune. It reads:  » Even before the health crisis, the purchasing power of the poorest households had already declined, mainly due to the freezing of housing allowances, family benefits and RSA; social inequalities had widened significantly. The crisis has accentuated this phenomenon, the better-off households being able to save, while the poorest 10% have most often had to go into debt. If the government does not give up implementing its unemployment insurance reform, one of the last reforms of the five-year term will therefore attack precarious workers, reducing their rights and weakening their social situation. While at the same time, the purchasing power of the richest will not stop increasing, in particular because of the fiscal or social policies of the government. We are far from the most basic social justice. This reform is finally part of a process of stigmatization of the unemployed, which does not correspond to any reality.. ”.

The CGT is a signatory to this text, and the CFDT with Berger, who has understood that his image of the bosses of employers has become too visible, has also signed.

Everyone is hoping that since Veyrier does everything like Berger, he will sign the text. Error, the unitary demonstration of May 1 for Veyrier, it was windy to pretend, to play with those who, in the FO apparatus, are now content with the tinsel of symbols and no longer want to know anything about misery, poverty, precariousness, the reality of the social inequalities of the population: the impoverishment of citizens. Veyrier therefore refuses this unity of action, the most basic, to denounce the counter-reform, a villainous decision. Veyrier reduced FO to being just a device for which the best of the best militancy was to turn to the Council of State. Let’s be serious, FO doesn’t go it alone. FO has neither the means and even less the intention to create the balance of power.

FO, the first of the class, lick ass, who only wants to be noticed by the political power and the employers’ power in the contest: which of us is the most corporatist and with the boot of the power.

This explains the participation of Y. Veyrier in the police demonstration on May 19 as his refusal to provide any support to comrade Frédéric Vuillaume, FO activist prosecuted for having demonstrated.

In this game, the CFDT always wins, the social doctrine of the church, it knows, it has been practicing it for a long time … But to try his luck, FO throws himself headlong and worse. It’s shame !

In addition, all this so-called « clever » comedy is useless. With all the anti-union laws since that of 2008, the political power wants the disappearance of union organizations; all accelerated by the Labor law and the Macron ordinances.

So my comrades, it is not wanting «  save the house »Than to say nothing as some preach it, who explain that the pill is bitter, but that it is the only solution to resist and save the organization.

They forget to say that Veyrier is aware of the seriousness of the financial situation of the Confederation (Situation denounced by Pascal Pavageau) that he is considering the sale of the headquarters of the Confederation Avenue du Maine.

They forget to say that a social plan is in preparation and has already been implemented by the non-replacement of Confederation employees who are retiring.

They forget to say that in order to stifle the resistance of the employees of the confederation, he ventures into trade union shackles.

The comrades of the National Confederal Committee are fully informed of these facts.

They are also informed of the abuses against those who resist within the organization: UD, unions, activists.

Silence is complicity.

We must react.

To fraternity, to solidarity, to freedom,
to independence.

Marc Hébert, May 24


Sticky note for the hierarchy
union and its bodies

List of 7 complaints * to never forget!

  • Repeal of the representativeness law of August 20, 2008.
  • 37.5 is the right temperature at age 60 and at full rate.
  • Repeal of the Social Security Financing Law of December 24, 2019 (increase in exemption from employer contributions and solidarity of the Social Security with State finances).
  • Repeal of the decree of December 2, 2020, liberticide and anti-union.
  • Repeal of the law of March 23, 2020, extending the weekly working time up to 60 hours and calling into question the terms of paid leave.
  • Denunciation of the ANI of December 26, 2020 on « telework ».
  • Repeal of the decree of March 30, 2021 on the unemployment insurance scheme.

Small reminders:

  • Wearing a surgical mask, vaccination, physical distancing, etc, … are not union demands but are part of a paradigm around prophylaxis.
* These are not demands since better conditions were acquired from us before.



I’m talking about a time that those under twenty cannot know, …

Where one could express his disagreement with the government, where one could demonstrate with force and determination, even sometimes, to arrive at a confrontation with the police; the demonstrators pushed the rows of CRS, sometimes the anger made that some threw projectiles and all that without consequence.

Today everything has changed radically. It started with the criminalization of union action, then there were the demonstrations against the labor law where the police were very offensive with the many people who came to demonstrate in the provinces or in Paris.

With the start of the macronie, everything accelerated.

The repression began to intensify as we had seen on November 16, 2018 when Macron came to Besançon to inaugurate the recently renovated Museum of Fine Arts. That day, the day before the magnificent Yellow Vests revolt movement, the police were everywhere. A very large and completely sanitized perimeter had been set up to prevent any possible protestor from disturbing the smooth running of the visit of the monarch Macron.

A handful of demonstrators, including myself, came to denounce this government’s policy of social destruction and to voice the workers’ legitimate demands. Megaphone in hand, chasubles on our backs, we were in contact with the cordon of CRS who had come to protect his majesty. We tried to push to pierce this wall of shields and helmets, to be able to make our demands heard. But at that moment, a policeman camouflaged under a hood, began to strangle me with a tonfa *, until putting me on the ground, in spite of the intervention of the comrades who tried at all costs to extricate me from this. trap. After catching my breath, I continued chanting slogans while leaving in another direction with my comrades. Again, and very quickly, we found ourselves blocked by the police. At that time the demonstrators chanted « let us pass » and it was at that time that a officer, responsible for the CRS platoon said to me: « Behind the shields, it is no longer democracy. « . Unfortunately we found, at our expense, that he was telling the truth: gassings, clubbing to disperse the few demonstrators who dared to resist, resulting in a broken finger.

It is the next day that the Yellow Vests appear on the roundabouts, destabilizing the established order, shaking the institutions, the central unions, the political parties and the power.

This true balance of power established by the number and the determination of the demonstrators made react the power which was obliged to show its true face.

It was then that a terrible repression fell on the participants of the Yellow Vests movement.

These men, these women who, despite the cold and bad weather, were day and night on roundabouts, in the streets to challenge power and to demand more social justice, were repressed with unprecedented violence by the forces of the armed order of LBD (defense bullet launchers), tear gas, de-encirclement grenades, etc, …

Hands torn off, eyes gouged out, skulls shattered, these demonstrators paid a heavy price for demonstrating, not to mention the number of abusive police custody, imprisoned people, broken families. Despite this the protest has not ceased, on the contrary it has intensified the movement against pension reform. Unfortunately, the repression suffered by the Gilets-Jaunes has affected militant trade unionists, caregivers, firefighters and all opponents.

Then the coronavirus arrived. The world has stopped. The misery has increased. But the government did not give up and it took the opportunity to establish « State of health emergency » : ban on movement, ban on assembling, ban on demonstrations, curfew, …

Little by little the health dictatorship was set up, our freedoms were reduced in general indifference, or almost. No one has seen the shift in power towards an authoritarian regime, some question the wearing of masks but forget the essential: all these serious attacks on our individual and collective freedoms and the calling into question of the right to demonstrate and to protest. freedom of speech.

Today in France, demonstrating, claiming become a crime and unfortunately I am a very living example. Soon to be 50 years old I had never been in police custody, I had never had a trial but since November 16, 2018, I have suffered:

7 police custody, 1 search with seizure of my personal computer and my mobile phone which were never returned to me, 4 criminal trials (the last will take place on May 20, 2021). For the moment they have all been won, including one in the Court of Cassation for having chanted the slogan « CASTANER ASSASSIN », 12

fines of 135 euros, 6 summons to the police court.

Clubbed, gassed, strangled, all for daring to challenge the government’s deadly policy.

Unfortunately I am not the only one to suffer this mad repression. Many demonstrators have received this kind of fines and trials which have the effect of reducing the number of demonstrators in the streets.

While the Global Security law is still not applied, repression has taken hold in the country. Demonstrating, even peacefully, becomes complicated. Now with the spread of mass surveillance, law enforcement doesn’t even need to control you to amend you. They know you, they intimidate you, they chase you and sometimes they harass you. Some people use and abuse their powers all to make you crack and to prevent you from demonstrating.

Even recently in Besançon, on March 27, 2021, several comrades in the struggles were « nassed » during a protest action of 30 people; some like me were able to escape the trap without being checked; however, many of us received two fines of 135 euros, for the same day with two different offenses. In one month, I received 3 fines with different reasons to discourage me from protesting.

The Global Security law will give the power in place a whole arsenal of repressive means (drones, pedestrian cameras, facial recognition, extensive registration etc.) to fight the enemy from within. This enemy who claims, who protests, who could once again destabilize the established order and bring down capitalism.

This enemy is us, the people.

As trade union activists, free and independent, we must react and stop submitting to the whims of the power which decides how we must exercise our right to protest. We must no longer, as in other countries, declare our demonstrations: demonstrating is a fundamental right, it is a democratic breath, we do not have to ask the authorities for permission to breathe.

Fred, April 22

* The tonfa is a weapon, either in wood, or in polymer, according to whether it is respectively used in martial art, or by the police. It consists of a baton, to which a perpendicular lateral handle is present, approximately in its quarter.

Support mail
to Frédéric Vuillaume

Here is the email that our comrade sent in support of Frédéric Vuillaume for the attention of the prosecutor of Dijon.

Mr. Prosecutor of the Republic,

I have read the Amnesty International campaign in defense of the Syndicalist Frédéric Vuillaume.

His fault is to want an egalitarian society in terms of rights for citizens and also to be a Trade Unionist recognized for his integrity.

For several months now, we have been shifting into a totalitarian system, do not become the armed wing, Mr Prosecutor of the Republic, of political and economic power like Prosecutor Vyshinsky.

You have a duty to displease as Eric De Montgolfier wrote in his books but also in the exercise of his functions and of course yours.

To restore citizens’ confidence in justice, drop the charges against Frédéric Vuillaume.

The crime of opinion should not have the right of citizenship in France, as a reminder it was formerly called: La Patrie Des Droits De L’Homme …

The Court of Cassation recently agreed with him.

And what will you do?

You have perfectly the Right and the Power to make that this militant through a demonstration does not undergo any more any political violence and is a free citizen to express opinions against freedom-killing laws like all the Citizens of the French Republic.

This relentlessness must stop, there must not be a lenient justice for the Elites and a repressive justice for the People.

Please accept, Mr. Prosecutor of the Republic, the expression of my highest consideration.

May 16, 2021
Mr Brossard Patrick

« Trade unions facing integration … »

… This was the title of an article signed by the Fernand Pelloutier Group, which appeared in Le Monde Libertaire of October 1961, n ° 73.

It is clear that it is the same always and still today. Admittedly the CFDT would not be born until 3 years later, but the CFTC was already working on it: [it is « the place of trade unionism in the Nation », which the CFTC has been demanding, loud and clear, for 8 years, under the slogan taken again in Mendès-France, of « democratic planning ».]

However, if it had been welcomed in 1919 as an organization of yellow unions, it benefited, in 1961, as the Fernand Pelloutier Group pointed out, [from the solicitude of all the Centers and particularly from the friendship of the FO and Federation Education departments. Nationale (the great secularists) that she meets every week in an intimate committee, Cité Malesherbes in the company of the SFIO (French Section of the Workers’ International) and the modern UDT (Democratic Union of Labor). Thanks to this Bonapartist and clerical regime, which she describes as «  historic moment for France », She is about to play her role

specific to the « gravedigger of unionism » that reformists and Stalinists tried to make people forget]. Perhaps these meetings rejected this prospect, but the break-up of the CFTC with the departure of 4 / 5ths of its troops creating the CFDT in 1964, says a lot about the will and tenacity of an entire politico-union class. to maintain the exploitation of man by man by tipping free and independent trade unionism into its integration into the  » democratic planning  » of the society; charge to this trade unionism to make apply by the working multitude, the ideological decisions taken by the State, at the orders of a higher entity, the European Union, itself in the hands of Capitalism and Finance.

Some may consider this introduction to be repetition, but then, why this unbearable inertia of the two workers’ confederations, the CGT and the CGTFO to name a few, claiming, again yesterday and each in its own way, the struggle? classes (and the Charter of Amiens for FO)?

Yes, the generalized separation of individuals whose human relationships are now mediated by images, hardly facilitates the mobilization of the working classes; yes, the dissemination of the means of production in an almost complete globalization, disperses popular struggles and explosions in all corners of the planet, their televised broadcasts making them diffuse and unrelated, illusory.

Yes, as soon as a group of employees decides to organize and form a union, with this

the will of the field could not be more dynamic, he often finds himself immediately confronted with the thoughtless reluctance, including of his own troops, in front of union responsibilities. It is because the instruction, the education which continues to be lavished on us, molds the heads of citizens for far too long to delegate their own power. This is how we have managed to ensure that less than 10% of employees are unionized today … not to mention electoral absenteeism!

Confederal officials know this well, they who do not hesitate to encourage field activists to « make » more and more cards to develop their unions! Except that the confederations are “everything”, and the televised aura of their national leaders, when they take the trouble, helps to inspire workers and employees in the field. On the CGT side, B. Thibault was the last SG to arouse certain enthusiasm among cgétistes. For Force-Ouvrière, let us remember the 24th Confederal Congress, in Lille in 2018, and the few months that followed, during which the new Secretary General who had been “dubbed” there, found himself carrying a immense hope and had begun to instill a real protest and combative impetus … seeming to be the antidote to the accompanying unionism!

What is left of it today? More than a year of media-state manipulation of an epidemic that only appears dangerous outside of periods of paid leave, more than a year of confinement was enough for the Martinez and the Veyrier to become almost silent and confine their respective bureaucracy in a “deafening” media silence – the fact that the Shepherd of the CFDT is rather discreet, too, can only question us about the unionism to come, once out of this “masquerade” !?

In the meantime, and as for the FO, we can hardly speak of solidarity or fraternity on the part of the FO activists of the higher spheres, supposed to represent the freedom and independence of the trade union struggle with regard to the FO of children. low whose positions and trade union struggles on a daily basis expose them today to the worst.

To convince them, if they read us, here is what happened to two comrades who were both victims of new uses in practice in companies and / or in the public space.

The first was still, not long ago, an agent of Pôle Emploi Bretagne (PEB), also holder of an FO mandate in this structure, and another, outside this one, since Employee Advisor 35. At Pôle Emploi Bretagne, FO is the only trade union organization to ask disturbing questions. Luc paid dearly on the altar of management. Instead of being part of the company, an attitude highly recommended in management, especially if you work in the Communication department, he endeavored to defend the interests of his colleagues. You can imagine that it was far from pleasing the management! Considering his “status” of protected employee (by his mandates), the management not being able to “fire” him as an ordinary employee, set in motion his collaborationist “savoir-vivre and doing” and, neither one nor two, made him serious misconduct making its presence dangerous for the establishment, therefore with a protective layoff. Received by a labor inspector (CFDT) who validated her dismissal, the FO section of PEB having fought for months for Luc has not finished, aims his reinstatement and decided to write to the Minister of Labor. It would appear (unverified source) that, when requested, the Confederal SG FO did not react. If this were the case, it would then be a question of a stupefying lack of lucidity in the face of a practice already existing in private companies but not in what was still a social organization yesterday!

As for the second, it is an example of what can lead the various « states » (emergency, crisis, …) already in place before the freedom-killing bill retested by the Constitutional Council on May 20: police relentlessness, filing … – for the record, this is the comrade who arrived at the Lille congress 15 minutes after Michèle Biaggi closed the registrations, but also after having done Besançon-Lille all day, by all possible means of transport, the SNCF being on national strike that day.

His name is Frédéric, an FO territorial activist in Besançon, and he wants to be a committed comrade. He has, unfortunately, against him, a local police who did not appreciate his commitment in the Yellow Vests movement, speaking there regularly until being considered as one of the leaders, therefore searches at his home, arrests in dawn and endless police custody, multiple appearances … which had not been enough since relaxed each time. The last time, after the end of the demonstration, in Dijon, for no apparent reason … identity check and verbalization with appearance in court, risks incurred: 1 year of imprisonment and a € 1,500 fine.

The hearing took place on May 20. Happy news, the president considering, after having listened to his lawyer, that the file was quite simply empty, decided the immediate release. Fred had the support of his UD and Amnesty International who asked his friends and comrades for as many emails as possible to the public prosecutor who subpoenaed him. 2,700 emails were sent to him.

I don’t know if the FO Confederation knew about it or not. It would seem normal to me that she had been informed of this. Still, these two scenarios are indeed two facets of the same fight, complementary as to the action of grassroots activists, on the ground – of the struggle of our class, one in the company, the other in the public space. These are two facets of this freedom and independence, seriously questioned by the State and in great danger of disappearing if

our CGT and CGTFO do not come out of their torpor quickly; two facets of this freedom and independence of which we are more than ever demanding the non-debatable, non-negotiable principles to continue our militant struggle, from the bottom to the top of the union ladder.

by Father Whistler

XXL docility exercise
– The « Grand Reset »

It’s officially been sixteen months, but

probably eighteen months, that the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic (acronym from the English Severe Accute Respiratory Syndrome – severe acute respiratory syndrome) ravaged the whole world and particularly France which is still in state of health emergency and that the disparities in the care of patients by the various governments around the world do not cease to question serious scientists! For the candid, roughly, some countries treat, others do not, but all vaccinate! « Daddy spades and Mum sews. »

But the resulting costume is intriguing with its « uniform » side, especially in France, where many slippers are worn …. Slip: « For a civil servant, in particular for a former student of the grandes écoles, to leave the service of the State for that of a private company»(Larousse) and« repantoufler »the opposite way, as did Louis-Charles VIOSSAT, the inventor of the collaborative platforms and the sinister CPE, (First Employment Contract) and first Mr Vaccin of the President, eliminated because too many conflicts of interest with the MODERNA vaccine among others.

Undoubtedly also pant the directors of the multiple agencies superimposed on each other to the point of destroying any useful and coherent decision in terms of the treatment of epidemics! Curious that Mrs. Florence PARLY, Minister of the Armed Forces, shoes her generals « putschists » after their « Open letter to the Governors » from May 2021.

Professor Christian PERRONNE, he would be ready to put on a «  pink glitter marcel « , If he was wrong about the effectiveness of treatment with Artemisia, (a clinical trial in the USA and Mexico is expected, summer 2021). He deals with this toxic incompetence with humor, in his latest book «  Decidedly, THEY still haven’t understood anything «  (Editor Albin Michel).

Toxic, since he lost his position as head of the Infectious Diseases Service at Raymond Poincaré Hospital in Garches. Toxic because the doctors who «  heal « – Professor Didier RAOULT uses the verb » to occupy “, So much the word treat would seem banished from the vocabulary of decision-makers -, pass, to the Disciplinary Councils of the Councils of the Order of the Doctors of their departments. It seems that the classic family doctor, attached to clinical examination and semiology, is relegated to the oblivion of history! How fashionable is epidemiology with a patient reduced to statistics! Yet the family doctor was learning epidemiology, but that was in the past !!

Dissenting voices are silent, terrorized, while this epidemic has only a 0.5 percent mortality and that, in France, this rate is one of the highest in the world.

Indeed, the measures taken by the French government prevent the use of cheap drugs that cure on the ground. The French government went so far as to suppress the ancient freedom of prescription of doctors, without the Council of State being questioned by the National Council of the Order of Doctors! Strange!

The measures to deal with the pandemic are counterproductive, and oddly akin to torture, as defined by Amnesty International .

Communication about Covid 19 is scary. Every evening, a banner signals the number of deaths, hospitalizations and resuscitations on TV! The Covid 19 and its sidekick the vaccine

seem to be instrumentalized for a purpose other than the protection of populations. But which one?

Here is why we will not look at the event on the care side but on the philosophy that would support the measures. That is to say like a huge exercise of docility, in order to get the consent from peoples to one new world order, this fourth revolution as defined by Klaus SCHWAB, founder and president of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

I – SIXTEEN MONTHS OF TORTURE and it’s not over

Let us recall the definition of torture by Amnesty International:

“Psychological torture based on the Biderman charter is used by all totalitarian countries but also said to be democratic during war. It was in the 1950s that the social psychologist Albert Biderman who worked for the United States Army (CIA) wrote an article chronicling the torture techniques used by Chinese soldiers in the Korean War. The table he drew up of these tortures is called the DDD (debility, dependence, dread) – Debility – Dependence – Fear.

The advantage of this Biderman charter is to use conditioning theory without excessive physical violence. It is clean torture, of which here are the 8 criteria:

  • Isolation
  • Monopolization of perception
  • Induced exhaustion
  • Threat
  • Occasional indulgences
  • Degradation
  • Stupid demands imposed

At a time when the whole world has stopped spinning, because of an epidemic strongly resembling a big influenza culprit of a mortality of 0.5 percent, especially of the elderly and the sick with polymorbidities, we can draw a parallel between what governments inflict on their people for « their good » and the Biderman charter.

Let’s admit that the similarities are disturbing: DDD Deficiency, Dependence, Fear!

Isolation generalized is obtained by confinement and teleworking. Despite the advice of the WHO (Dr David NABARRO), October 8, 2020 «  stop using containment « , France

persists and signs: A first time from March 17 at 12 p.m. to May 11, 2020 (i.e. 1 month and 25 days), and a second time from October 30 to December 15, 2020 (i.e. 1 month and 15 days).

The threats are exercised with the fines imposed as soon as someone walks for something other than the authorized acts because the « orders » are drastic: prohibition of movement, barrier gestures, physical distancing even on the beaches called «  dynamic »- it is forbidden to lie down on a towel! – beaches which will be prohibited and closed at the first confinement, masks, including among children and outside, for walks in the forest, closure of restaurants, performance halls, ban on all gatherings including at church with indulgence to go from 6 to 30 faithful, dinner without exceeding six at home, curfew at 6 p.m., brought back with indulgence to 7 p.m., and this, for more than a year during While, « at the same time », the executive derogates and risk of spitting into the microphones as soon as a minister or a president takes off his mask, if by chance he put it on! … Their logic seems incomprehensible.

Exhaustion of the people is evident. The curfew, the closure of restaurants, theaters, cinemas, museums have no scientific basis. Threats of re-containment maddened him. Some advocate civil disobedience, such as this restaurant owner from Nice, who opens a few days before the date scheduled for the general opening of restaurants, and finds himself in police custody. How weird! This will scare his colleagues who will abstain for fear of seeing the aid stop.

All the elements of Biderman’s charter are there

While very clearly, the first confinement was only intended not to saturate the resuscitation services, the slogans spoken on all the airwaves invited to call Center 15 as soon as the breathing difficulty occurred and in this very fact, the injunction was contradictory.: « Stay at home, take paracetamol » Why avoid going to your doctor. Because he didn’t have a mask? Why not treat?

Why continue in the PLFSS – Social Security Financing Bill – to plan for 1.4 billion savings on the hospital in 2021, despite the promises of 14,500 intensive care beds and to have only 6,733 on January 15 2021, according to data from the ARS, Regional Health Agencies, created by the Minister of Health, Roselyne BACHELOT, in 2009.

On Wednesday January 13, 2021, during current government issues, Mrs. BOURGUIGNON, Minister Delegate in charge of autonomy, confirmed the postponement of the Law on Old Age and Autonomy «  at the end of the health crisis « . This law, supposed to respond to the problems of the elderly sector (promotion of the professions in the sector, care pathways, financing of dependency, etc.) has been requested by professionals for many years. Could this be a symbol that the « old » are not in the odor of sanctity in this government? Isn’t that strange? Do we hope to see the addiction problem overcome by COVID 19?

Finally, note the declaration of Aurore BERGÉ reported by BITTER , magazine of retired doctors: « It is appropriate to question the legitimacy of those who contest our political choices (…) Retirees vote to decide the future of our country, even though they will no longer be part of it. That must change « 

Would it be a question of withdrawing the right to vote to the seniors?

It is true that the decree provided for the use of RIVOTRIL (anti epileptic causing respiratory depression) in EHPAD – Accommodation Establishment for Dependent Elderly People – in the third case, a real incentive to active euthanasia , first between March 29, 2020 and April 15, 2020, then generalized. The curves of deaths in nursing homes, long hidden, attest to the success of the test!

coverage by health insurance organizations under the conditions of common law with cancellation of the insured’s participation provided for in article R. 160-8 of the social security code .

Authorization of Rivotril and prohibition of Hydroxychloroquine, variable of adjustment to the strategy of fear!

“Art. 12-2.-Notwithstanding Article L. 5121-8 of the Public Health Code, hydroxychloroquine and the lopinavir / ritonavir combination can be prescribed, dispensed and administered under the responsibility of a doctor to patients affected by covid-19, in the health establishments which take care of them, as well as, for the continuation of their treatment if their condition allows it and with the authorization of the initial prescriber, at home. « The drugs mentioned in the first paragraph are supplied, purchased, used and paid for by health establishments in accordance with Article L. 5123-2 of the Public Health Code. « They are sold to the public and retail by authorized pharmacies for internal use and taken care of in accordance with provisions of the second paragraph of article L. 162-17 of the social security code. Where applicable, these dispensations give rise to reimbursement or reimbursement in this context without participation by the insured in application of the provisions of article R. 160-8 of the same code. The National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products is responsible for drawing up a protocol for therapeutic use for these medicinal products for the attention of health professionals and establishing the procedures for providing information adapted to the attention of patients. « The collection of information concerning adverse effects and their transmission to the regionally competent regional pharmacovigilance center is carried out by the health professional taking care of the patient within the framework of the regulatory provisions in force for medicinal products benefiting from a marketing authorization. on the market.

« The pharmaceutical specialty PLAQUENIL © and preparations based on hydroxychloroquine can only be dispensed by dispensing pharmacies as part of an initial prescription exclusively from specialists in rheumatology, internal medicine, dermatology, nephrology, neurology or pediatrics or as part of a prescription renewal from any doctor.

“In order to guarantee the appropriate and continuous supply of patients on national territory, in town pharmacies as well as in pharmacies for domestic use, the export of specialties containing the lopinavir / ritonavir combination or hydroxychloroquine is prohibited. These provisions do not apply to the supply of communities falling under Articles 73 and 74 of the Constitution and of New Caledonia.
« For the application of this article, the hospitals of the armed forces, the National Institution for Invalids and the medical structures are considered as health establishments.
operational under the Minister of Defense deployed in the context of the state of health emergency. « .

II – CONSENT TOOLS: fear testing and prescription epidemic

No treatment, only prescription: infusion of FEAR – 3 times a day minimum.

OPA – Public Purchase Option – on the freedom of prescription of doctors: it is essential that there is no treatment to « sell » vaccines

This would explain the controversies over prophylaxis and treatment: Hydroxychloroquine (€ 4.17 a box), Ivermectin (€ 8.57 a box), Azithromycin (€ 9.44 a box), cheap, are discarded in favor of the luxurious and expensive Remdesivir (1 970 € the treatment) which will end up showing its ineffectiveness and its dangerousness, especially since it must be delivered by intravenous route. This last point questions the ethics of randomized trials, because injecting placebo is not without risks!

What if the « Guignols » were right! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STPopTOrPVE

Now the vaccines appear in emergency, and with them new controversies,

WHO has granted emergency use authorization under the EUL protocol for three RNA vaccines.

In December 2020, it is Pfizer (BNT162b2), two versions of AstraZeneca / Oxford on February 15, 2021 and Ad26.COV2.S, developed by Janssen (Johnson & Johnson). As to MODERNA, dear to Mr VIOSSAT, it is an RNA vaccine, encapsulated in a lipid nanoparticle (operating system, dixit). ). “WHO plans to authorize other vaccines under the EUL protocol by June. « 

As much in China, the two vaccines created are from inactivated virus, and in Russia the SPUTNIK is based on an adenovirus, the EMA (European Medicines Agency) has chosen the RNA viruses. However, this is gene therapy, which, according to Larousse, is a therapeutic method which consists in using genes and the information they contain to modify cellular behavior. In other words, nucleic acids are injected which causes the production of parts of the virus by the cell itself.

This is perhaps the reason why the medical community has « doubts », especially since clinical trials have only included subjects under 55 years of age. Indeed, between January 1 and May 7, 2021, 350 vaccinated patients including 15% with ASTRA ZENECA presented to the IHU in Marseille, with a positive test and 14 had to be hospitalized, i.e. the same percentage as in the cohort of 9,205 unvaccinated. Ms. Roselyne BACHELOT, Minister of Culture, herself, fell ill after having been spectacularly vaccinated.

Vaccinating EHPAD residents over 75 years old would therefore be like a clinical trial. At least these patients are not at risk of childbearing! And these vaccines are not likely to cause diseases in the second or third generation, like certain treatments (Distilbene, for example), especially if the virus integrates into the genome and germ cells. Never have vaccines caused so many side effects.

To keep caregivers at the Brest hospital, vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine was suspended because 134 serious cases of collateral effects caused the vaccinated caregivers to stop working.

Le Monde newspaper reports that «  Emmanuel Macron announced Monday, March 15, 2021 that France was suspending « as a precaution » the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine pending an opinion from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) which will be issued on Tuesday afternoon.  »

At the National Assembly, on February 9, 2021, eye to eye, responding to Dr Martine WONNER, Member of Parliament for Bas-Rhin and spokesperson for the « Collectif Laissons les médecins prescrire », Prime Minister Jean CASTEX states, after a look at his acolytes, very distinctly, the dogma:  » there is no treatment « .


The variables adjustment:

  • the tests

Are they reliable?

In December 2020, Germany, despite reputedly better management (with three times fewer deaths than in France), was shaken by various scandals reported by a journalist William ENGDAHL, namely complaints denouncing the use
incorrect and abusive PCR test. Göttingen’s lawyer, Dr Reiner FÜLLMICH states: “The inadequate PCR test is the cornerstone of the whole coronavirus debacle. This stone must be broken so that the whole house of cards finally collapses ”


Are the figures of sick people and deaths by COVID reliable?

– Doesn’t CORONA POSITIVE and COVID 19 amalgamate surprise? Isn’t it the ideal tool for a government that would like to continue to feed threats, prolong the health emergency, all for the good of the people?

– So, the accounts of the deaths will feed the infusion of daily FEAR and EHPAD, a small shot of the syringe would be enough.

What a nice way to increase, on demand, the number of deaths, not very elegant I grant you, but really effective to justify the authoritarian measures against the French people, supposedly to protect them, and worse and more perverse , for «  soften their departure « By a sedation prohibited before the Covid.

Will a return to the previous state be possible? Certainly not, since the liberticidal “sanitary pass” was voted by Parliament! De-containment would only be possible when the pandemic is brought under control. Would it not rather be possible only when the Power decides it, with the great contempt of the figures?

  • Censorship

Many doctors are prevented from speaking. We are silent on the collateral damage of the measures taken to manage the health crisis by the government

French and these are considerable. There are deaths by confinement.

The confinement was only made so as not to explode the health system and that caregivers do not have to do too painful sorting in the intensive care units. And yet 5% of resuscitation beds were still removed during the pandemic, but the exact figures are censored and the lie is the law.

While the deaths are counted every evening on television, and by subtitled banners on all the channels; suicides among business leaders, restaurateurs, musicians, entertainment professionals, students, even children, are not counted, them We are not talking about resignations of caregivers, at all levels …


In a Tribune of the newspaper Le Monde, Jean Paul GODILLERE, specialist in the history of global health even speaks of PANDEMOPOLITICS. He explains that emerged in the 90s, the idea of supra-national health or international public health, the word global only arriving at the beginning of the 21st century.

At first glance, one could imagine that this “pandemopolitics” would exist only by “greed” because the profits of capitalism via COVID are major as well as insider trading. As for the members of the scientific council of our president, their conflicts of interest with GILEAD and others … can be found on the site «  Health Transparency ”. We can refer to the video of the IHU-Méditerranée-infection of Pr RAOULT of May 18, 2021 “Effect of vaccines & corruption”.

Nine billion vaccinated, it is true that it can make you dream!

V – LOGIC of the NEW WORLD ORDER: « The Great Reset « 

Postponed to August 2021 in SINGAPORE, the World Economic Forum in Davos, as early as 2006, reported fears for the very survival of humanity:

«  The risk of pandemic influenza has become a dominant theme in international risk discussions « … » Stocks of antivirals are insufficient to cope with a major pandemic « … » The vulnerabilities of our interconnected global systems would increase the human and economic impact Of a pandemic.

This dates from 2006.

In 2021, Klaus Schwab, founder and president of the Forum, underlines: «  This global pandemic has also demonstrated once again how interconnected we are ”

The event and its global character question, in fact:  » It is our duty to re-establish a functional system of intelligent global cooperation, structured to meet the challenges of the next 50 years. […] The Covid-19 has accelerated our transition into the era ofthe fourth industrial revolution. », Added the conductor of Davos who claims the authorship of this expression, several decades ago.

«  We must ensure that new technologies in the digital, biological and physical world remain human-centered and serve society as a whole, providing everyone with equitable access . […] We must not miss this window of opportunity. « .

Timely, this corona? here then

Die Welt Am Sonntag, on February 7, 2021, explains that he has extensive exchanges between the Federal Ministry of the Interior and researchers from the Robert Koch Institute and other institutions. These discussions show that it is a question of creating a calculation model on the basis of which the Ministry of the Interior Horst SEEHOFER (CSU) can justify severe preventive and repressive measures.

Here is why the global nature of the operation questions us so much. Would governments not protect their people? What is hiding behind this pandemic?

A “tabula rasa” (term which designates the gesture of the barbarians) to install a new world order?

A demographic war which would solve all at once the problems of pensions, dependency, by eliminating our elders, among others? One way to stigmatize dissidents?

The people have a right to ask themselves.

Its representatives are deafeningly silent, except for the deputy for Bas-Rhin, Psychiatrist, Dr. Martine WONNER. They do not even ask for an apology from the Minister of Health, who, coming out of an emergency service, moved as if he

had just seen his first death, ask the deputies who are loudly offended by his remarks to leave the chamber, because their opposition seems to him an insult!

Democracy, when you hold us!

The whole sanitary kills politics.

The whole sanitary kills democracy.

Didn’t it also kill the sense of duty of trade unionists representing confined and deconfined workers without a clock in front of their screens, without overtime, without privacy, without paid leave?

Shouldn’t the “tamalou” and “allomaman-bobo” union meetings urgently put on the agenda this new organization of work that is “telework” without becoming complicit in this pulverization of our society?

World order … new order?

May 24,

The peoples of the European Union
under the yoke of « Troika »

2010, creation of the « Troika » composed of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Commission and the European Central Bank, which together impose, through loans, austerity measures on countries in difficulty.

The field of experimentation is Greece, but quickly other countries, said peripheral, undergo the destructive pressure of «  memoranda »Decreed by this criminal agency which organizes the policies carried out within the framework of the European construction, capitalist, we understand, and not that of the peoples. These countries are designated by the contemptuous acronym: PIIGS / Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain (Spain), let’s also add the island of Cyprus. Today they are all enslaved to the « Debt », voluntary construction of the alliance of major European banks (Crédit Agricole, BNP, BPCE and Société Générale for France) and the Troika. These banks, coming from “elite” countries, members of the European Union – Germany, France and the Benelux – are also strongly embedded in the financial markets of the United States.

A well-indebted people are more docile …

Debt is a very old system of enslavement, used by smugglers with migrants, by pimps with prostitutes, by credit organizations with consumers, … by employers with employees …

The private debt system generally involves the imposition of borrowing and repayment conditions that make it impossible. This results in dispossession and the obligation to devote long years to paying off the debt.

 » In fact, once the euro was invented, it was more lucrative to lend to individuals, businesses and banks in loss-making member states than to customers in Germany or Austria. Why ? Because in Greece, Spain, Southern Italy, private debt was extremely low. True, people were generally poorer than in Northern Europe, lived in more modest housing, drove older cars, and so on, but their housing was theirs, they had no outstanding loans. on their vehicles and they often doomed to debt the deep aversion engendered by the still fresh memory of poverty. Bankers love borrowers with little debt and little collateral – a farm, or an apartment in Naples, Athens or Andalusia.  » writes Yanis Varoufakis, in his work  » And the weak suffer what they owe? How does Europe austerity threatens the stability of the world « – Les Liens qui Libéré editions, Paris 2016

… This also applies to borrowing governments.

All the countries concerned are in the € uro zone from which they can no longer leave and whatever the results of the national elections, of the social orientations desired by their citizens, nothing helps. The injunctions through memoranda follow one another, three for Greece. Like the vices of torture of the Inquisition, they stifle the will of peoples, governments, states, with all capacities for flight and independence.

The process used is very simply explained on the website of the Committee for the Abolition of Illegitimate Debt (CADTM ). You might as well present it, as it is, with the following quote to avoid plagiarism:

« – P allow private banks to receive public support so as not to foot the bill for the bursting of the private credit bubble they created and avoid another large-scale international private financial crisis.

– D on to give to the new public creditors who have replaced the private creditors an enormous power of coercion on the governments and the institutions of the peripheral countries in order to impose a policy made

radical austerity, deregulation (against a whole series of social conquests), privatizations and the strengthening of authoritarian practices (see point 5).

– P reserve the perimeter of the euro zone (this means keeping Greece and the other peripheral countries in the euro zone) which constitutes a powerful tool in the hands of large private European companies and the economies which dominate this zone.

– F area of the deepening of neoliberal policies in Greece in particular, but also in the other countries of the Periphery, an example and a means of pressure on all European populations.

– R Strengthen authoritarian forms of government at European level (both at EU level and in each Member State) without directly resorting to new experiences of the fascist, Nazi, Francoist, Salazarist or of the regime of the Greek colonels (1967-1974). This last aspect is often insufficiently taken into account because the emphasis is placed on economic and social aspects. The authoritarian tendency within the EU and the euro zone is, however, both a central issue and an objective pursued deliberately by the European Commission and big business. This affects the strengthening of executive power, the use of expeditious voting procedures, the violation or limitation of a series of rights, the failure to respect the choices of the voters, the increase in the repression of social protest. . « 

In all the peripheral countries, we observe the same results: abolition of public services, health, education, education, labor law, disruption of all social benefits. Impoverishment follows with all the stigmas: malnutrition, increasing infant mortality, lack of care and protection for the most deprived, decrease in income … The increase in the number of suicides, three times more since 2010 in Greece, indicates the desperation of the populations. Spoliation of the meager wealth of the poorest and all, disproportionate enrichment of a few rich. Failed democracies, autocratic regimes, criminalization of opponents, loss of fundamental freedoms …

There, it’s real life for us too, isn’t it?

We find the same evils but also similar words. The « Debt », for example, it is to our ears, very common: the « Debt » of Social Security, the « Debt » of the Covid, …

The elite countries of the European Union are building their own debts, they will soon be like the PIIGS!

What to do ?

We have, through the example of Greece, proof that political parties, on the right and on the left, have failed by submitting to the authority of the Troika and his criminal designs.

The trade unions, all members of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) are, in fact, integrated into the European Union and requested by the bodies of the European Commission. Good there, no salvation!

A single path is possible, to reconnect with the first Workers’ International, whose pitfalls and pitfalls we now know.

By noting the similarities of the facts observed in Greece with the situation we are denouncing today in France, I found a wealth of information and economic analyzes on the CADTM website. They are also making proposals to get out of this abyss, but perhaps insufficient in our eyes.

Workers’ unionism is totally linked to the existence of capitalism. We are therefore totally integrated into the economic “thing”. The trade unionism resulting from the Charter of Amiens has essential proposals which are the suppression of the employers and the wage-earning with the integral control of the production.

This is our economic proposition.

May 21,

Did you say “universal suffrage”?

An illustration of what totally indirect democracy is …

150 years ago, at the time of writing, the appalling massacre of the last fighters of the Paris Commune began, a massacre otherwise called “the bloody week”, commissioned by Adolphe Thiers. To better understand the character and his cynicism, here is, in a few lines *, what he rightly thought of universal suffrage used to elect the President of the Republic:
“The monarchy is not the best regime against socialism. In a monarchist government, it is the will of one that is in charge. It’s vulnerable. People can rise up in the name of freedom.
On the other hand, the republic, it is the authority and the force which obtains the agreed obedience. The myth of universal suffrage must be substituted for the royal myth. That is, the myth of the national will.
It is an extremely powerful bulwark, it is the national will itself which decides that it is necessary to make a conservative republic. Whoever rises against a republican government, rises against the freedom which is expressed and which reigns by virtue of universal suffrage.
So we can mobilize all national forces against those who claim to be fighting against a democratic government. « 

* Extract from page 7 of Discussion Bulletin n ° 11 of the Circle of Discussion and Action for Democracy Against Finance, de Trappes (78): fragment of Thiers’ speech for the legislative elections of February 8, 1871

by Father Speak-Ass

Omerta at FO

Funny practices at UD FO 29

For several years, Marc Hébert, then secretary general of UDFO29, opposed the positions and signatures of Jean Claude Mailly, then secretary general of the Force-Ouvrière confederation: Validation of the conventional rupture, policy of collaboration on breakage of social security, supplementary pension, pension reform, unemployment insurance scheme, law on representativeness of 2008, electronic voting, etc, …

This militant debate in accordance with the FO tradition has, however, been permanently polluted by defamatory practices and rumors of a corridor: dubious financial management of the UD FO 29, publication of unemployed union cards (in force at the confederation until 2015 and deleted by Privat), limited union delegation mandate, management of labor matters with commitment of solidarity donations to the UD etc, etc, … Forgetting that the accounts of UD FO 29 have been certified by an auditor since 2011.

The high point of this debate, which turns into conflict, is December 19, 2017 when Jean-Claude Mailly produces an editorial whose title is:

« They do not deserve the qualifier of comrades ”. (fig 1)

It should be noted that this editorial does not target the UD FO 29 but targets the journal des anarcho-syndicalistes, journal of the UAS (association of groups Fernand Pelloutier).

This editorial is a first in our union organization since its creation. This statement follows UAS articles directly implicating Jean-Claude Mailly and accusing him of collaborating with the government on the questioning of pensions and of having torpedoed the demonstrations organized at the initiative of the federations and departmental unions (June and September 2017).

1 – Editorial JC Mailly, December 2017

In April 2018, the position and the criticisms of the anarcho-syndicalists of the UAS were validated by the Congress of Lille. The activity report is rebutted: Jean-Claude Mailly is outvoted, Pascal Pavageau is elected with the vote of a resolution of congress, of combat, of demands, marking a return to free and independent trade unionism.

But Jean-Claude Mailly, Frédéric Souillot and a quarteron of faithful (F. Homez, the federation of metals, Patrick Hébert (ex-secretary of the UD FO 44, national manager of the POI), Hubert Raguin, (FNEC, national manager of the POI) and a few others) organize the fall of Pascal Pavageau by denouncing the constitution of files to the Chained Duck and triggering a well-orchestrated crisis. Madam Minister, Muriel Pénicaud, even calls for the resignation of Pascal Pavageau. He effectively resigned and a cabinet was formed with the putschists who managed and organized the CCN and elected one of the main actors in the fall of Pascal Pavageau: Yves Veyrier.

Meanwhile, Jean-Claude Mailly puts himself at the service of Monsieur Soubie … He went with arms and baggage to the Medef camp, but continued to manage the confederation as a “gray eminence”, Veyrier was in almost permanent contact with him.

Naturally, neither the request for expertise of the Confederation’s accounts, requested by Pascal Pavageau, nor the general resolution of the Lille Congress will be respected, quite the contrary.

The accounts will be the subject of accounting entries saving appearances. The financial situation of the confederation is so catastrophic that the sale of the confederal premises on avenue du Maine is being considered by Yves Veyrier and his acolytes as well as the establishment of a social plan (already implemented by the non-replacement retirements). These provisions will be implemented after the confederal congress of 2022, if this team is renewed.

  1. Veyrier and his team commit the Confederation to a policy of excessive collaboration with the Medef, the UIMM (the union of industries and trades in the metallurgy), worse than that of the CFDT. The anarcho-syndicalists are not letting go and are continuing their critical analyzes of this cédétiste drift.

For DU FO 29, the problems started in September 2018.

The attack on the confederation was not long in coming: As of September 2018, the confederal office represented by Fréderic Souillot and Patrick Privat (Pascal Pavageau, in difficulty, was taken out of the circuit) gives instructions to Nadine Hourmant and Géraldine Lossouarn, respectively Secretary General and Treasurer of UD FO 29 to impose radical changes in the functioning of UDFO 29. They agree to apply this breakage policy:

  • Reduction of the wage bill,
  • Decrease in legal activity,
  • End of unionization of the unemployed (removal of cards),

On 09/25/2018, Nadine HOURMAND informed the employees of her desire to modify the functioning of the UD and that comrade Josiane Ansquer, a former retired employee who provided tasks on a voluntary basis, will no longer have to take care of the legal service. It demands a response from employees

positive and immediate to its proposals. These require a period of reflection.

At the end of this meeting of employees, which did not go well, a report was sent to Nadine Hourmand, the employees rejected the announced changes and specified that, given the impact of the planned changes on their working conditions. work, they file a strike notice.

The employees remain unanswered from the Secretary General and the office for more than 2 months until an office meeting on 11/12/18 to which the employees are invited.

Following this, the employees make a new letter informing Nadine HOURMANT and the office their suffering at work, and reiterate their request for a revised and serene work organization with an inventory of the tasks of each employee. In mid-December, half of the employees are on sick leave and are received by the occupational medicine which informs N. Hourmand of the suffering of the employees.

Following the EC of 10/01/19, a working group made up of volunteer members was set up to meet the employees, listen to them and make proposals to get out of this impasse. What he did.

But Nadine Hourmand refused all proposals, requests for meetings with employees and members of the working group.

The tone rises again during a meeting between N. Hourmand and the employees, on 03/22/19: the General Secretary takes the employees to task and threatens them. In the hope of getting out of it, while an executive board meeting is scheduled for April 11 with the agenda, in particular, the health of employees, N. Hourmant calls an extraordinary EC meeting, to 04/9/19 in the presence of Patrick Privat, Confederal Treasurer, with the agenda: Pre-report of the auditor.

The 03/26/19, a new letter from employees to the General Secretary denounces the programming of this extraordinary works council of April 9 which seems to organize for the sole purpose of obscuring the meeting of April 11 on employee health. They threaten to summon the press and to strike. What they did

During the CE of 04/11/19, the CE:

  • Vote against Nadine Hourmand’s activity report.
  • Vote for the revocation of the current office,
  • Proposes the election of a new bureau and a new Secretary General.
  • Nadine Hourmand and Éliane Le Gall are candidates for the post of SG. Éliane Le Gall (SDAS FO29) was elected with 20 votes (Nadine Hourmant: 9 votes).
  • A new board is elected.

This works council was immediately followed by the signing of an end of conflict protocol between the new Secretary General and all the employees,.

There was a real desire on the part of Nadine Hourmant to destabilize the UDFO29 and its employees, by denigrating their work, calling into question their “honesty”, manipulating certain employees, and suspicion some members of the board. There was also an instrumentalisation of the External Auditor, and an orientation of the “pre-report”.

We have all the evidence, letters, mails, tapes, office and CE records.


This reaction of activists and members of the EC of the UD as well as the election of a new secretary general were not foreseen by the managers of the « crisis » of FO 29, namely the FO confederation.

Éliane Le Gall engages a policy of revitalization with the unanimous support of the EC of the UD, except for the group of N. Hourmant.

But, quickly arises the obligation to appoint a new auditor … The confederation taking sides with Nadine Hourmant rejects the dismissal of the Statutory Auditor, immediately blocks the payment of confederal subsidies, then, through Jacques Arnal and Michel Penaud, directs the choice of a new Statutory Auditor to the Gourioux group (former president of the Medef du Finistère) , already unofficially and secretly seized in December 2019 and subject to an official designation by the office in mid January.

This designation of a cabinet close to Medef triggered a violent reaction from a comrade in the office (Catherine Creach) who contested it by email and asked for a meeting of the EC to reconsider this designation.

On January 20, Eliane Le Gall announces her resignation from the post of secretary general due to the refusal of her union secondment by the ARS. In the process, Stéphan Masschelein, FOCOM29, also announces his resignation due to the departure of Eliane and her overload of union work.

Upon receipt of the email from C. Créach, Stéphan Masschelein followed by Eliane Le GALL confirm, with immediate effect, their decision to resign mentioned on January 20.


Immediately, Marc Hébert was the object of violent attacks. He is considered responsible for these resignations and is subject to exclusion on the basis of a catalog of offenses. But the AFOC, the UDRFO29 (Union des Retraités) are also targeted by these exclusions. (fig 2)

Many activists are excluded including Charles Le Boulch, Annie Kerhaignon …

2 – 27/08/20: the police called by Jacques ARNAL
to prevent the UDR29 board from meeting

Access to the DU is locked, no access is allowed in the premises made available to the unions.

See for more details: “your rights are our laws” and “multiple ramifications” of the FO Militants defending the Charter of Amiens Resistance Ouvrière.

In November 2020, employees are subject to questioning of their skills and their work and also harassment from the members of the office: Jacques Arnal, Serge Roudaut, Catherine Créach, Anita Thomas and even from the wife of Jacques ARNAL.

The operation of the UD is no longer statutory: 5 members at the office instead of 9, non-compliant EC meetings (quorum not reached or on non-verifiable declarations of so-called powers handed over). At office and EC meetings, entries are filtered and many comrades elected to the instances are blocked at the door.

The deliberations and decisions taken do not comply with the notices etc.

3 – 11/03/21, security guards at the door of UDFO29
to filter the entries to the EC meeting in the presence of Y. Veyrier and F. Souillot.

In December 2020, a rapprochement was made between the “Arnal” team and the “Hourmant” team. This merger operation takes place at a time when employees are being mistreated, many are on sick leave due to disturbances related to working conditions. on January 7, 2021, six employees make a right of withdrawal, one employee falls into a faint and is hospitalized all day … All these serious dysfunctions, this violence and this harassment will not be the subject of any debate, including on March 11, 2021, when Yves Veyrier and Frédéric Souillot came to the Executive Commission in Brest, who were informed by a letter. employees. Worse, the latter validate the constitution of a bidule committee called « Collective ». (fig 3)

This collective replaces the statutory structures (office and works council).

Make up this collective: Jacques Arnal, Serge Roudaut, Anita Thomas, Catherine Creach, Nadine Hourmant, Valérie Plouchard, Géraldine Lossouarn, Jean Marc Vannier (these last two absent excused on March 11) .

At this meeting of March 11, it is expressly provided for the final settlement of the employee problem …

J. Arnal, megalomaniac, servile and under the orders of the Confederation multiplies the texts, real verbal diarrhea. For a small example:

From:UD FO 29
Send it :Friday, May 7, 2021 10:50 AM
Subject:To elected members of the EC

« Comrades,

Certain recurring practices, which we qualify as terrorists and anti-union, have tried since 2019 to prevent the meetings of the UD bodies and above all prevent us from holding normal and serene debates between us.

Faced with this violence in which some take pleasure in and confuse with union action, we have been forced to enter into resistance against these enemies of the General Confederation of Labor Force Ouvrière, of free and independent trade unionism of direct action.

Please note that the Collective, set up for the organization of our congress, which will be held at the ARENA in Brest on 1 erOctober 2021, made it possible to find a functioning of real debates and common action. A real breath of unionist oxygen!

However, thinly veiled threats and the usual methods of some individuals force us to postpone the next meeting of the EC to June 17, 2021 (replacing those scheduled for May 20 and June 24).

In the meantime, the elected representatives of the EC will receive full information on the situation at the UD and the progress of the organization of the congress ”.

Today out of the seven employees in post, six are either made redundant, or in an accident at work, or in illness, or in contractual termination carried out or committed. There remains only Mr. Florian Charlot jurist.

This brief reminder of the facts shows the operation of total destruction of DU FO 29:

4 – Meeting of the UDFO20 board of 11 MARCH 2021 in the presence of Y. Veyrier and F. Souillot

UDFO 29, the first FO organization in Brittany, a healthy cash flow and constant growth for 30 years from 12,000 to 39,000 paid stamps.

A team of competent employees and effective activists were dismissed, eliminated, dismissed made unable to return to work except ONE.

Today, total liquidation under the leadership of the confederation and the total silence of the confederal authorities (CE and CCN).

May 25,
Marie Louise


For a year now, the FO 29 UD has undergone a « standardization » enterprise that only certain UDs were able to experience at the time of the Stalinist takeover of the CGT de Jouhaux and Bothereau. Since that disastrous time, the years 1945-1947, nothing more of this kind, because, in FO, the debate of ideas is the rule and exclusion does not exist, except for rare cases, relating to the penal one.

However, at UD FO 29, between March and June 2020, FO activists from Finistère, claiming to be anarcho-unionism, an important group, historically, in the history of unionism of the Charter of Amiens, were banned from ‘access to their Departmental Union. The new head of the UD also prided himself on having appealed four times to the police to prohibit these activists from being able to access the union’s premises.

Before the September CCN, the representative of this
UD 29 acknowledged and proclaimed the facts: «  » the office
current very quickly fired a political organization,

an opinion organization on religion and a philosophical organization which openly parasitized their Departmental Union ”. Let us note that at the end of the CCN, nobody, at the confederal level, had the elementary idea to reframe the whole and to say that a « red line » was crossed and that this kind of practice of exclusion is foreign and contrary to the statutes of FO, as to the Charter of Amines. As if this new practice of witch-hunting had received the agreement of the confederal management and the current secretary general of FO.

In fact, at this time the exclusion of the anarcho-syndicalist group UAS, present since 1974 in the 29th seems acquired, without asking why and by what right, since there had never been a problem up to then with the plan. local, like national. In any case, this liberticidal drift is confirmed, on November 3, by the exclusion of two members of the AFOC before the meeting of

AFOC, in Paris, at FO headquarters, avenue du Maine. The case is political and, as it concerns a representative of the 22 and a representative of the 29 for their respective AFOC, there is no doubt that against the statutes it is an anarcho-syndicalist group which seems, alone in collimator. Practical, in itself, illegitimate and unrelated to the statutes of AFOC. But the authoritarian drift and exclusion will go much further and in proportions unknown and foreign to the entire history of FO. In truth, FO was founded to never know the practices that take place in the 29.

On March 11, 2021, a confederal circular YV / FS, addressed to the Confederal Executive Commission, seemed to realize the gravity of the situation: “ it was agreed to put in place all measures to calm the situation between officials, UD activists and employees, taking into account the respective individual situations, suffering expressed as misunderstandings. On this point it was collectively agreed that it was imperative to ensure that an end to the confusion of roles, statutes and expressions between the situation of employee and union and FO structure. The confederation has confirmed its commitment to help the team in this regard.  »

However, the circular admitting the content of the intervention of the representative of the UD 29 at the CCN of September, boasting of having excluded a political group, the militant acquired to the Charter of Amiens could express doubts about this decision. burden of « suffering » and that an end to  » confusion of roles « . But we had to see the rest …

What follows is the reverse of a will «  to calm the situation « . The head of UD 29 published a letter, still as foreign to the statutes as to respect for activists. And, in many ways, staggering and, to be sure, unacceptable. (FIG 1)

How credible is it to assert a will to «  development  » and of «  redeployment »With for real practice the will to prohibit (which is formulated by« take note of the dissolution ») a UL, a union, and, in addition, by claiming to want to disaffiliate

1 – SG Mail UDFO29

AFOC 29. In a letter of April 20, the same Arnal, secretary general of the UD, specifies his method: «  the UL Brest Office does not have the elegance to resign: the UDFO29 Office has the courage, respectfully, to resign it « . Which amounts to recognizing that it is about Arnal’s part of a major disagreement with the UL of Brest which he intends to settle not by the debate between FO comrades, but by unilaterally « resigning » from the comrades. who are not on the same line as him.

The same is true of the OSDD union, which reports to a Federation and not to DU29. As for AFOC, the head of a DU has neither the right nor the power to disaffiliate it. AFOC is an association governed by the law of 1901 (article 1) and article 6 is explicit: “ the departmental associations are affiliated to the national AFOC by decision of the office of the latter … the office of the national AFOC may decide, after an attempt at conciliation, to terminate the affiliation of a departmental association. « This is confirmed by article 7 relating to delisting » pronounced by the office of the national AFOC .  »

In all three cases, the secretary of UD FO 29 is “all wrong”. He arrogates to himself rights and a power that he does not have. And this, in all and for all, to liquidate orientations and groups of militants who are not in « his line ». Thus what was presented, at first, as the exclusion of a specific group, the anarcho-syndicalists of the UAS, turns out to be an enterprise of liquidation of all dissenting voices and at all levels: union, UL , AFOC. To speak of liquidation and headlong flight in this sense is not an empty word. Because what the confederal circular of March 11 designates under the modest word of “suffering” masks the antisocial reality of the practice of the head of UD 29, just as much vis-à-vis and against the staff of UD 29. This results in sick leave since November of all employees of the UD, for lack of being able to express their disagreement. In January, an email sent to one of these employees caused a syncope, with the intervention of firefighters and hospitalization. Without any questioning of the author, secretary general of UD 29. Situation which led to further work stoppages. In addition, an employee is depressed to the point of being able to be the subject of a decision of incapacity. And then, the same general secretary decided to dismiss for « serious misconduct » an employee in post for 22 years! There is only one employee left at work and the UD can no longer function …

In short, the practice of the head of DU 29 is:

  • Dissolution of the OSDD union
  • Dissolution of the Local Union
  • Dissolution of AFOC
  • Dissolution of the UDR
  • Exclusion from UAS

And as if that were not enough, following the call of FO militants to the demonstration of May 1 in Morlaix, the same Arnal intervenes with the local press (Telegram) to denounce this call and declare it null and that the UD did not call for this demonstration with, in the tread, change of the locks of the UL of Morlaix. Bernard Sounn, retired, who has been on duty every Monday for 40 years and Patrick Le Goas, head of the EX-GAD FO (whose case is still ongoing) and other activists no longer have access to the premises of the ‘UL.

No one in FO can support such a despotic drift and flouting both the FO statutes and the Labor Code. This is unheard of at FO. It is now clear that those at FO, who thought of settling scores against the anarcho-syndicalists and, after all, accommodated themselves to the point of not protesting during the CCN in September, must go to the Obviously: if it is the UAS which is excluded, initially, it is all the bodies which are affected: the AFOC, a union, a UL and even the personnel expelled! Who says worse? This cannot last It is impossible for the CCN and the EC to remain silent. This absolutely must stop. Because accepting this type of liberticidal drift once is to validate it for all those who are not « in line ». It is validating “standardization” practices that can affect everyone. We can therefore wonder what fly stung comrade Arnal for such a headlong rush. It is, alas, because he believed himself on a mission to do this « dirty job » and that he is zealous in the matter. This is because, rather than being opposed to the FO statutes by the FO general secretary, to put an end to these practices in June, he received, on the contrary, the support in June 2020, as evidenced by mail below: (fig2)

2 – Email SG CGT FO

This is not worthy of the function of secretary general of FO who has the obligation to ensure respect for the statutes and to ensure that all activists find themselves, despite the differences, within the organization . What existed in the Confederate CGT, then in the CGTFO, without problem since 1947. With Bothereau, Bergeron, Blondel, Mailly, we have never seen that and the different or even divergent voices of Alexandre Hébert like Pierre Lambert, Louis Blanc like Maurice Joyeux and Arlette Laguiller could, and with good reason for the enrichment of all, be heard.

And without risking being excluded.

Certainly, no one is naive and many activists understand that the turn of Veyrier following the CFDT (signing with it the discount at 64 years old in May 2019, like the « employer’s charter » under the pretext of teleworking, in November 20202) is so contrary to the positions, statutes and history of Force Ouvrière that it is not acceptable and not legitimate

FO has always been against “accompanying unionism”. Is this, then, a practice of intimidation to serve as an example to all that was put in place in the 29? And this to serve as a lesson to all the potential opponents of the UD and the Fédés against the counter-nature conversion to « accompanying unionism ».

For once, what matters immediately is that an end be put to extravagant acts, unworthy of unionism and outside the rights of the secretary general of the UDFO 29. He has never had the right to appeal to the police to prohibit FO retirees from meeting at UD29, nor is it his job to « resign » from a UL, a union or to disaffiliate an AFOC. . He doesn’t have the right. And the law must prevail. Responsibility which falls to the secretary general of FO, a priori, if he really assumes his function. In this case this is not the case. The responsibility, then, rests with all the activists of the UD, UL, Federations, unions, AFOC, to all and all who can not accept to see the image of FO disfigured in this way by attacking just as much the activists and staff. Really by all the authorities, at the CCN, but not only, it is the return to the respect of the Charter of Amiens which is essential. It is about the respect of the militants as well as of the dignity and of the very life of FO.

FO activists defending the Amiens Charter,
May 10, 2021

No mask in a democracy!

In the chronicle «  Continuing to force the French to wear masks would be very damaging »That he signs in Le Figaro of May 20, 2021, Olivier Babeau, president of the Sapiens Institute, writes (extracts):

 » […] The mask is the symbol of all the weaknesses from which our democracy is dying. Its absurd and scientifically useless imposition, going as far as the ridiculous to include beaches or solitary walks in the forest, reflects the inability of our rulers to trust the discernment of citizens. […]

Persona in Latin, is the name of the mask thanks to which the actor embodies someone he is not. […] The mask alienates the individual by removing from him the last and most important sign of his singularity. It makes it identical to all of them. Behind the mask we are nobody, in the etymological sense. […]

At a time when direct human relationships are becoming scarce in favor of screens (which form a screen, precisely, between us, on the pretext of connecting us), the mask is emblematic of a society which has resigned itself to being nothing but a sum of isolated individuals. […]

Let’s put on the masks, as quickly as possible. Let us not listen to the voices of precaution and hygiene. In the same way that the visible deaths of the virus were able to hide the invisible deaths, indirect consequences of confinements, the very hypothetical health benefits of the durability of the mask would be paid at a high price by society. « 

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